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Aspen Advice Needed

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I finally decided to take Warren Miller's advice and move to a ski town. Yes, I know, there are probably better choices for hardened skiers, but I have to keep the wife happy and I figured Aspen has many non-skiing activities. My choice would have been Jackson Hole.

I'm hoping to land a part-time job at the mountain, giving me much time to ski, and I've been searching for apartments on the internet from Chicago, without much luck.

Any advice on not too expensive housing for 4-5 months? We're driving out in a few weeks, and if anyone has a better idea than buying the local paper and running through the classifieds, I'm all ears. Any other advice on the area would also be greatly appreciated.

Oh, we may have a small dog in tow as well. Shih Tzu. Don't ask.
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An Aspen local once told me that every man in Aspen needs four things:
  1. A dog.
  2. A used Jeep.
  3. A mortgage.
  4. A divorce.
You won't find inexpensive housing in Aspen. Think about Basalt, Carbondale or even Glenwood Springs.
The best jobs in any ski town are bartender (if you want to ski) or real estate agent (if you don't care about that).

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You are really starting your search late in the year. Moving to a ski town takes some planning all the best deals on rents I am sure are gone by now. Also the best and highest paying jobs are pretty much gone. Deer Valley and the Park City area is getting to be like a an upsale refugee camp for displaced Aspenites. I can't tell you how many times I have gone to a party and met someone who had just moved from Aspen. One couple I met. Sold thier home in Aspen becuse as they said the cost of living was out of control. They are wealthy people, I'm sure thier net worth is in the Millions. They felt that they could no longer afford to live in Aspen. As they said in Aspen the Billionaires are now buying out the mear multi Millionairs. I don't care what ski town you pick it is expensive.
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You probably already know that the Aspen Times and I can't believe I can't remember the other rag in town are both on line and you can see the classifieds. buen suerte. you should brush up on your spanish.
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