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what airport for tahoe?

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What airport's are available for tahoe? I'm trying to get from Rochester, NY to tahoe with one stop only on either United or Usair or out of toronto on Air canada.
Thanks for the help.
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Well I know the closest place to Reno that USAirways flies is either San Fran or Vegas. I'm pretty sure that United flies direct to Reno, and if that doesn't work they also fly to Sacramento. But I'm guessing it would take atleast two stops to get you there. changing over in either Philly or Pitt and then having to fly to San Fran before flying to Reno.
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I think Northwest flies straight to Reno from Detroit, if that helps at all...
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Reno. When i went to Tahoe i flew USAir to San Fransisco, then flew United to Reno. The flight was only about $100, and it makes the drive much easier.
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Reno airport is going to be your best bet for Tahoe

If your flying out of Monroe County(ROC) looks like AA and American Eagle do a one stop in O'Hare to Reno

Northwest has a one stop thru MSP

Try the website below. I plugged in a date of mid DEC. you may be able to get more options on your specific dates

Good Luck

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Reno. Make sure that you rent a vehicle that will get you safely over the passes or catch a bus.
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To arrive in the area from Rochester with only one stop (Chicago) on United, you would have to fly to Sacramento (SMF). This would leave you a 2-hour drive (120 miles) to either North shore (I-80) or South shore (US-50). You may find airfares are less going in to SMF and overall trip time is significantly less than indirect to Reno via Pittsburgh and Denver. BTW travel distance from Reno to the lake is only 48 to 55 miles depending on the shore. The Sacramento option also leaves you an option for a day trip to the Bay Area (180 miles from Tahoe) if you want a break on the way out.

Just an option.
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