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Atomic R-EX vs Sugar Daddy as an AT ski

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Pros and cons? I'd be mounting them up w Fritschi Diamir IIIs. I'd be looking for 175ish length in either. I'm 5-8" 160, ski almost exclusively PNW "snow", and am looking for a setup that a) works on the rare days that av danger keeps me out of BC but I am still wanting to ski, so will buy a lift ticket b) for big dump days where my existing Shuksan/TLT setup is too much of a hassle due to less powder-specialization and the annoyance of getting in and out of TLT with lots of deep snow underfoot. I've heard that even the 04 SD's can be mounted with Fritschi's if you are either daring yourself or willing to hire a daring professional. True?

(Oops guess this should be in the AT forum, but now I can't figure out how to delete/repost or move. Oh well I will maybe be getting a wider audience's opinion than I meant ... or no audience, depending ...)
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I'd probably stick with the REX. The Sugar Daddy is going to be alot of ski to lug around. I guess if you're just going to yo-yo near the road this isn't a big deal but if you're going to travel any distance it'll sure add up. It's not just the weight; the extra 20mm of skin friction will add up too. I know guys who have mounted Fritschis on Sugar Daddys, but I'm pretty sure it voids your warranty if that's an issue to you. The REX set up will still ski alot better than your old set up. If you're planning on using the set up for lift skiing you might want to consider the Freerides of this years Naxos (supposedly they're fixed).
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REX vs Sugar Daddy for A/T

I started sking the REXs with Fritschis last season, and it is a fantasic all around set up. (I'm 6'5", 210 lbs. and ski the 191s) A very stable ski for it's weight, and a light ski for its size. I got them for the backcountry but was amazed at how smooth they were in the bumps. They make an excellent powder ski.

I'm sure that the SDs would be a better pure powder ski, but I wouldn't want to have to drag them up the hill every run. I agree with Tolocoman, the extra weight of the ski combined with the huge weight and drag you would get from the giant skins you'd need for decent traction would negate the slightly better powder float. We are all after the soft stuff, but in the backcountry you get the good, the bad, and the ugly. The SDs are so wide I think they would really suck on a traverse or hard snow.

I think with big A/T boots like my Lowa Strukturas, I could go with Fritshchi Freerides on REXs and completely abandon my alpine gear, except for major bump banging. You won't be disappointed in the powder on the REXs.
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