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Skiing in Livingo Italy

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Good few of us are heading over there soon the cheap way. Were gonna fly into Milan with Ryanair and then i think its a 4.5 hour bus trip to the fields... Well at least i hope it is. Has anyone done anything similar to get there or have you just gone on a package tour? Also is the place any good, cause there will be a few newbies with us.
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I can't give you data on getting to Livigno from Milan. When I was there, we had a rental car. That was about 8 years ago. Livigno would be a good choice if you have newbies with you. Easy access to beginner slopes. The town is rather compact and lively enough. It's a duty free zone so you'll find a lot of people coming in just to shop. Recommend the Hotel Posta if you don't have a place to stay lined up. A good variety of skiing with lifts spread out up and down the valley. Nothing terribly tough as I recall. Tends to get plenty of snow. All above timberline, so probably not very good in snowy, foggy weather.
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Besides to what choucas said you might want to car pool for a rental for checking out St. Moritz across the border or Bormio/St. Caterina in case you like to see s.th. else while you are there.
Ba aware Italy prohibited venturing off the marked trails without guided service since last year though.
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