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New Skis

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This is my first time posting on this forum.....i am looking for a new pair of skis...I currently have a pair of 191 rossignol bandit x (which are a lil long)...i am thinking about going atomic...i have demo the r11 which are really nice. I am a above average skier...and looking for something good.
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You need to post specifics like height, weight, ability (not just saying above average), where you ski, terrain you like, and more.
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sry bout that must...forgot to add it...i am from the northeast so basically groomed conditions and some powder at times...ski at killington a few times of the yr...and basically in pa. I am 6'2" tall and 270 lbs
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For your size and weight.. I wouldn't go under 180's. Since you are skiing in the NE and in PA, you will want something stiff torsionally to hold on the packed powder (see:ice).

BTW, where in PA are you?
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i am actually from nj....i ski at jack frost and big boulder in pa.....sometimes elk
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