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Sugarloaf and Sunday River, 5 days each???

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Hola friends! If we go to Maine day after NY Eve, are both these mountains worth 5 days each for strong groomer intermediates? Not interested in nightlife, just skiing and hanging.
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I love both of those mountains but 5 days at each mountain is probably alot at that time of year.

Unless it dumps
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Never been to SR, but the Loaf has plenty of terrain to keep you occupied; provided the conditions are good. January can be a tricky month at the Loaf with cold and high winds. I would still go though...
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While you're up there, what about Saddleback or Big Squaw, Maine? Never been, but they both look interesting.

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The Loaf totally rocks, and my guess is it would be less crowded than Sunday River. If you stay at a Sugarloaf property, you get a 2 hour ski clinic for free!
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Make sure you get a bag burger up at Sugarloaf

I still think 10 days is too much for 2 mountains especially early season.

There will definately be some terrain to scare and excite you but I am not sure where you normally ski.

If you are a solid intermediate you should be able to hit some single blacks at both mountains if they are groomed.
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If you're at Sugarloaf, you can always duck over to Saddleback for a couple of days. Old school terrain and great views. My only advice is to bring lots of warm clothes!
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Gracias all! What is a bag burger? The 5 days is only to get a better deal $... But in fact we had thought of only 3 at each, 2 @ Bretton Woods, 1 Loon, 1 Stowe (my favorite), and 4-5 at Tremblant. Now what do you think?
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A bag burger is a chessburger from the Bag & Kettle at Sugarloaf at the base area and they have really good burgers, pizza, cheesburger soup, and beer. It doesn't come in a bag which is what I first thought.

Bretton Woods is a blue cruising paradise with some fun easy glades to learn to ski trees. Their blacks are really blues and I think they added some terrain if they get enough snow.

Loon is fun on weekdays and has varied terrain and is also fun. They have some nice intermediate bump runs to learn on as well.

I have never been to Stowe but I want to go.

Tremblant has awesome condos and good food but it is a hike, it is cold, the conditions are iffy, the mountain is small with flat spots, and it can be crowded.
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It's about an hour from Sunday River to the Jackson Area of New Hampshire, you might also want to consider some of the time in this area, there are quite a few ski areas there including Wildcat, Attitash, Black(nice old New England type area), Cranmore (historically relavant area) and it's not too far from Bretton Woods, Cannon or Balsams either. Balsams is on the small side, but it is a great place to ski...not crowded, great groomers for cruising, Old New England style and a cool lodge. You may want to plan 3 days each at the areas you mentioned and 4 in the Jackson area.
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3 @ each is plenty.
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The Loaf rocks - the mushroom beer at the bag makes you hallucinate which is a nice side effect.....Sunday River is good - great terrain but crowds can be a problem, GREAT cruisers though.....Loon is real nice, again awesome intermediate cruisers, but avoid it like the plague on weekends it easy access to Boston makes it real popular....Bretton Woods is really the worst freakin mountain on the planet - I like it when I was 8 because I could get hot cocoa on the resturant at the top, othert than that unless you are a beginner I would say avoid it unless you like to kick it on 7 degree pitches. If youre in that area GPaul all I can say is WILDCAT! WILDCAT! WILDCAT! awesome, epic cruisers at the mountain and you mentione dyou wantd to save some $ - thats the place to do it.
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Ten ski days is a nice stretch of time. I went to the Loaf for 5 days in January a number of years ago. It's a big place, but the mtn wasn't totally open and it got a bit repetitive after about day three. It was also single digits cold, but not unbearable. A nightly thaw in hot tub helped. I'd say 3 days at Loaf, 3 days at SR and a few days in northern NH perhaps split between Bretton Wds and Wildcat would be cool (pun intended). Never been to BW, but as others have said it's on the rise as a great cruising mtn. Of the approx 30 eastern ski areas I've visited Wildcat had two or three of the most fun and distinctive intermediate ski trails I've seen. Highly recommend it for a day or two, but it too can be brutal in Jan. Nevertheless, you are heading to a neat region. The mountains in NH and Maine have some sort of intangible WILD quality compared to most of Vermont.
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Whew, where to go???? It seems a given 3 days each SL and SR, but the crowds are really cheering for Wildcat! So, I'll check it out. Tremblant.... yes, very cold and probably nowhere near the hype it gets, but I was there 20 years ago and kinda want to go back, but maybe only 2 days so we can enjoy the Jackson area.

We usually go out west (favorites Jackson Hole, Snowbird and Beaver Creek), but went to VT 3 years ago just 2 days after that epic storm and REALLY enjoyed the mountains (Stowe, Stratton and Pico the favorites). My local credit card miles will only work for the East, so that's settled.

Again, thanks for wealth of info., and all the best!
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reading material

Story about fun cruisin' ski trails:

Story about Sunday River:
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So I have a condo at Sunday River rented for 3 days in late Feb and the plan is to ski Sunday River for 3 days and make a day trip up to Sugarloaf for one day. I'm getting a little greedy with my ASC pass and might go up early and ski Attitash that Thurs. What can I expect? I'd guess next to no crowds and hopefully good coverage in the glades. Also, and advice/feedback on Attitash would be appreciated - thanks.
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You think one for five days or five days at one and then the other?

I've done five days a loaf a few times. It's worth doing if you can ski the blues and most of the blacks.

I've only done three days at SR and that wasn't too much.

Both SR and SL have some of the best dark blue and light blue cruising trails around.

If you do five days at one, you could take one or two days to do another mountain to break things up. I've stayed at SR and done a day trip to SL and to Saddleback. It's not that far.

If you had ten days, maybe you want to do five Maine days and hit SR and SL and maybe Saddleback. Then five days somewhere else. NH areas or maybe Mad River vallge (SB and MRG plus Stowe and Bolton Valley not too far off).

SL eats? The Bag for lunch and Gepetto's for dinner is always my first pick. When I was in college in teh 70s, there was a bumpersticker on a rafter in the bar at Gepettos that said "i'd rather chew barbed wire than listen to disco". Last time I was there, it was still there. I ate at the resturant that used to be a ski shop down on the access road when I was up there for golf a few weeks ago. Wasn't bad at all.

SR eats? Is that Opera House place still in Rumford, about a 20 minute drive? That was a really fun place but haven't been in >10 years.

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