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Red Sox!

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O yeah baby
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What are you guys talking about ??????????? 'ok ok ok
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yeah baby ! i'm an astros fan; so in retrospect i'm kinda glad the stros didnt make it and boston finally won it again ! especially not the yankees, its time for a yankees curse.
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What is this "baseball" you speak of?

If it dosent involve snow, Im against it.
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Yeah, yeah, yeah... we know, you guys are happy, blah, blah blah!:
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Being a resident of the Red Sox Nation, I wonder what we are going to blame the next 86 years on. No more curse, erased the Bill Buckner stigma..........hummm I'll have to work on thinking up and excuse.

I know, the curse of the Lowe, when he goes to the Yankees next year.
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I thought the best games were against NY. Sox really dominated the Cards. Cards fans were A1. Would have been fun to have been bar hopping in Kenmore Square after the victory. Back Bay is so cozy.....
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Well, with all the fuss and fanfare I must say, THANK GOD they won... 86 years seems like an eternity! So enjoy now while it’s fresh 'n good cuz’ it’s only a matter of… well, once in a life time for you, “Sux Phans”. Yankees will blow you right outta of your cleats!
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how long has it been since the Yankees have won a world series?
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I need some caffeine.
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Bunch of wussyboys - they don't even go outside when it's cold. Scared of snow too. Wussies.
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The New York Yankees are in decline.

The Boston Red Sox will live long and prosper. We have seen the first of many World Series victories that will occur in my life expectancy.

A great team - a great run of eight consecutive game wins - a great World Series victory.
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The Red Sox now join the ranks of the Yankees as an evil empire to be hated, although still less hated than the Yankees themselves. It's strange... now that the Red Sox have won, I'm sure there will be less nationwide support for them since they stole from the Yankees playbook to win (very convincingly, though).
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Why must folks rain on our parade? Today is the Red Sox' day and all us devoted fans are euphoric!

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except it's in the wrong place.
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As more of a Yankees hater than a Red Sox fan, I guess the World Series was a letdown in that it was so anticlimactic as compared to the ALCS. I'm just happy that I can get on a normal sleep schedule now...
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I just have one thing to say-------Curses!
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A theme of redemption through the season. All of us should take the inspiration to know that maybe some day things will change in our own lives.

Think about it. Manny being hung out to dry, A-rod deal falling through, down 0-3, Lowe being left out, Pedro pitching poorly end of season, SCHILLINGS FOOT!!!, Trot out for most of the year, Damon and Bellhorn doing nothing for the first few games, people booing Millar earlier in the season, Nomar.

What more can I say? This is an amazing story with a real theme of overcoming hardship and succeeding through teamwork and guts.

Now finally it's over and on to the real love of our lives - SKIING!!!!!!
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helluva post, SMJ

sox win AND southern california mtns have snow. local skiing commences THIS WEEKEND.

I have the best headache i've ever had in my life today.

i've never seen such heart in a team. (and thanks, paul podesta, for dave roberts.)

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ryan finally staggers into the room bright and early --- 11 am west coast time!!
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Originally Posted by SkiMangoJazz
Now finally it's over and on to the real love of our lives - SKIING!!!!!!
The "overcoming adversity" thing ain't over yet. We've got that election thing coming up on November 2.
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which gets back to something along the lines of rio's query elsewhere:

"would i trade this sox victory for a kerry (or any chimp but dubya) presidency?"
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Your response?
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right on cue.

i may deliberate this but maybe in the supporter lounge.

i know it SHOULD be an easy answer but...




ah, let me have my love today.

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I'm a HUGE sox fan, share in season tix, etc.

But another four years of Bush could be the most damaging thing to our lives and our livelihoods imaginable, so I would choose to GIVE BUSH THE BOOT over the Sox championship.

(Of course easy to say now, cause they already won it.) :
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Argh argh argh...Well once in a lifetime is good enough. The next time will be 2091? So enjoy it while it lasts. I still like the ratio between Yankees' world series wins and Sox's though. It probably will take until year 3100 for that ratio to get even, if ever possible at all....
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I love hearing Yankees fans try to put a spin on this like they're better because of past success. The way I see it, we're better - NOW. And that's what matters. Who knows if the Curse of A-Rod will make it 86 years until you guys ever win again. Just as possible as not!

If we skied the way the Yankees played baseball noone would enjoy themselves!

"What's the most important part about skiing? Smiling!" John Egan
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