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First Utah trip

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Thanks to a few use 'em or lose 'em vacation days and some frequent flier miles begging to be used, I'll be making my first ever trip out to Utah (by myself) from 12/10-12/14. I'd like to get a sample of all the great places I've heard about out there, so here's my planned itinerary...

Arrive Fri 12/10 on morning flight and take advantage of the Park City Quick Start program. Any suggestions on which resort would be best for this?

Then, I'll probably hit Snowbasin, Alta and Snowbird for a day each.

Finally on 12/14, I'll check out Solitude early in the day, then head to the airport for a late afternoon flight home. How long should I give myself, assuming good weather, to get to the airport?

Does anyone have any comments or suggestions for my trip? Anyone going to be out there around this time who might want to show a newbie around any of these places?
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Sounds like a great plan. I'd probably do Deer Valley for your QuickStart ticket for the Turkey Chili if nothing else. You can't go wrong at Snowbasin, Alta, and Snowbird. I personally prefer Brighton over Solitude, especially if you're only there for part of the day. The lift system at Brighton is much better and you'll get in much more skiing in a short day than you would at Solitude. Either one is enjoyable, though.

If there aren't any restrictions on the roads in the canyon, I'd give yourself about 25 minutes to get from Brighton/Solitude to the mouth of the canyon, and then probably another 25 minutes from the mouth of the canyon to the airport. If it's snowing at all or if there's snow in the forecast, I'd recommend leaving your car at the park and ride at the mouth of the canyon and taking the bus up.

Good itinerary, though. If I were to go out there for five days, I'd follow your same plan. Although I'd probably put Snowbasin the middle of your trip just to have a change of pace. It's completely different than all the others.
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Your itinerary sounds great. We often take a 3 day weekend and get 2 half days and one full day of skiing in.
For the Quick Start, you will need your ID and boarding pass. Personally, I would choose The Canyons over Deer Valley but you can't go wrong. Check out the web sites before you leave to look for activities at Park City such as mogul competition or ski jumping, etc. You may want to watch or you may want to avoid the crowd.
I also like Solitude better than Brighton but again, you can hardly go wrong. Leave yourself an hour to get to the airport and an extra 30 minutes if your rental car is not on site at the airport. Also the security check line at SLC can be very long at times.
Have fun.
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I 2nd the Deer Valley for your quick start day. DV is a great place to to get your ski legs and see how the other half live. And like rquick said the Turkey Chilly makes a great lunch. If your staying in park City your first night go to Snowbasin the next day. take I80 east to I84 west and you will see signs for Snowbasin just past Morgan Ut. it is an easy 45 min drive from Park City. At the end of the day hit the Shooting Star Saloon in Huntsville. It is the oldest continuously operated Saloon in Utah. You can have a beer and Buger where Butch Casidy and Sundance might have plotted a train robbery. From there I would drive down to SLC and find a room in Sandy or somewhere close to The Cottenwood Canyons The REI on 33rd south and Lift house at the mouth of Big Cottenwood canyon both sell discounted lift tickets. do get a Alta/bird pass. I love Alta But Snowbird has the vert. Try a run racing the tram to the bottom see if your legs can do 3000 vert in one run! If the roads up to the cottenwood canyons are closed due to Avalanch control Just head back over to the Park city side and ski the Canyons. I mean why wait in line for a a 1/2 day when you can be getting some turns in? This should give you a nice sampleing of Utah. when you get closer to your dates drop me a line I may have some free time and I am always looking for an excuse to go ski Snowbasin.
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Ahhhhh Snowbasin....

I 3rd the DV for quick start and whatever you do, don't let anybody talk you out of that day at Snowbasin. I'd go there on Sunday when all the locals are in church. That place is always empty anyway but sundays out in the middle of nowhere.....it's a ghost town!!!
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Thanks for all of the great advice. I've been a lurker here for awhile and I thought this would be as good a time as any to come out from the shadows. This is definitely one of the most knowledgeable and friendly online communities in any subject that I've ever seen.
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Day one: Deer Valley (probably less crowded and better groomed than any other); day two: SNOWBIRD; day 3: SNOWBIRD; day 4: Park City; day: 5 Canyons. Solitude and Brighton are smallish, and Snowbasin has an awkward layout and lift system.

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Welcome SKI-3PO. Nothing wrong with lurking. Feel free to chime in anytime. That's the beauty of EpicSki. Lots of views from lots of folks.
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Your plan sounds good, but I think it timely to explain the Snowbasin dichotomy. The new lifts at Snowbasin are well placed and very comfortable, but the lifts in the center of the resort that were the original ski area are awkward and will require some effort to propel it consistently into the upper echelon of Utah's ski areas. ..That said, Snowbasin serves up the best open cruising Utah has to offer. The easterly side of the area(Strawberry) is serviced by a state of the art Gondola and acesses some interesting terrain up top, along with seemingly endless cruising runs. The westerly side of the resort is serviced by a high speed quad that accesses the Olympic Downhills and numerous challenging possibilities. If easy access is a priority, you can use the Gondola in the center of the resort to transit to and from the two sides and leave the complicated lift placement in the center to the locals who know the place. It is absolutely worth a day of your trip, but don't expect it to meet the perfectionist attitudes of Sun Valley. ...It is a work still in progress.

Hope you have a stellar trip!
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