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Dakine Gloves

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Ok, so I've decided that I like how Dakine Gloves fit me, specifically the Women's Camino glove. The problem is I can't find the glove anywhere. My local ski shop had one pair left over from last year but only in XS and I need a small (p.s. this is how I know I like the glove). I like the "short" version of the glove as I like to put the gauntlet under my jacket.

Does anyone have any idea where I can buy these on-line or at a shop over the phone? Scalce tried e-mailing Dakine. They're response was "most shops will finish getting their products soon" Great...which shops?

Help please :/
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Here's one place: click here
or here(but I think this is last years model)

Basically just go to google and type Dakine camino and you'll find a bunch.
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Thanks for trying Bandit, but those aren't the right ones I want the "short" ones in a size small. Trust me, I've tried to do my homework and find these gloves. It's become a huge challenge, I've visited every single Google hit to see if they had the glove I want - I'm hoping I missed one or two or I'm hoping someone has some other option for me.
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Ahhh I see. I just hopped over to and they list the Camino as well as the Camino Short they call it. They also have a list of online retailers on their site. I didn't look through those but I did punch in Dakine camino short into google and found some results. Most results only had them in M and L though. I did find one place, here that has them in all sizes but it says special order. You might call or email them and see what that the special order is all about.

I would start with the list of online retailers provided on Dakine's site,

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Dakine actually has a few models that come in a short, gauntlet, and mitt style all with the same names.

Lighting, Ranger, Galaxie, Seville, Scout, and Camino.
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Did you check out the store locator on their site? There's lots of retailers listed in Boston, maybe one of them has the gloves, or can get them?
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I have called them all.

Beleive me when I want something I do not rest until I find it.
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Dakine goves are the best. I wouldn't give mine away for anything
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I actually had to call Dakine and see when they were getting those models in to their warehouse.

Then I called a local shop in Oregon to get them and ship them to me.
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