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Skis for the wife?

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My wife said she wants boots & skis for christmas this year. I protested. She won.
I talked her into waiting till our family trip in JAN
in order to demo a pair of skis, & getting fitted for boots.The problem is, I don't have a clue what skis for her to demo. Did some research, still clueless. These are her stats:
5'2" Tall
115 lbs (she proclaims)
Likes to ski groomers only.
No more than blues.
Slow! Very Slow!
Can any help with this one.
Here are skis allready recommended.
Atomic c:9 puls
Rossignol Z1W
Blizzard Firebird x07 Ti
Dynastar Skicross Carve
K2 T:9 Myste
K2 Omni 5.5
Any opinions?
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yeah..you might want to get her bindings also .
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The Atomic C:9s are a great learning ski that almost carve themselves and she can grow into them.
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Originally Posted by Phil Pugliese

yeah..you might want to get her bindings also .
You should only respond to threads before your 2nd cold one.
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I'll have some 153cm K2 T-nine Echos for sale in a couple days with or without Marker M900s - lemme know if you're interested (both skis and bindings new + unmounted)
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Have her try Head ic160's. These are great skis for an intermediate to grow with all the way to expert.
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The Atomic women's skis and boots are great. I have the C9W and the R10W and like both of them. I do not have Atomic boots but demo'd them last year and really liked them. Atomic has the new Balanz line for women this year. However, I have seen many of the C9W's for sale in some of the Denver shops for good prices. The C9W is a fun ski on the groomers.

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Atomic R8 ----a great, underappreciated ski, sometimes can be found dirt cheap. My wife put away the rest of her quiver
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You might want to look at the Dynastar Exclusiv 8. My wife is also 5'2" and while she has skied for many years she is a very cautious skier who only skis on goomed runs on good days.

I bought her the Exclusiv 8 in a 152cm length and she instantly had a smile during the first run. They are very light (with a Look Nova 10 binding) and very responsive. They also have a slight ramp under foot to help a woman skier center her weight and aid with turn initiation. This is not a problem for an expert but usually is a problem for intermediate, progressing skiers. For a casual skier they are just the answer. They have helped to get her interested in skiing again due to the shorter length, weight and turning ease.

There are a lot of other good choices that are similar in other lines and are also very good. However, for a casual skier don't overbuy. She will not use the higher performance and might be intimidated by the skis. The Dynastars should sell for about 300-350 with a binding.

PS - I have worked in a shop for many years and could have bought any ski in the Atomic, Volkl K2, Rossignol, Fischer, Blizzard, Dynastar, Head, Salomon, Nordica, Line ski lines. Feedback from our customers led me to buy the Dynastars.
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Nothing like on-snow demo days to sample a large number of skis in a short period of time. This way your wife can try different lengths of the same ski, or different skis on the same terrain/conditions. I also find this to be an excellent way to get my otherwise frugal spouse (she's a finance person) to forget about price for a while. She just tries skis and decides what she likes best... then we deal with the consequences later.

She last ended up with a 148cm Volkl SuperSport 4-Star. I thought she would find the 5-star a better fit, but shows you what I know. In fact, she liked them so well she asked me to purchase 2 more pair at end-of-season prices (the finance side is showing again!).

Anyway, if you can find a demo day early in the season, I encourage you to take advantage of it.
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Thanks for the info.
She will have 6 days to demo in Winter Park starting Jan 23., starting with the recommendations I've recieved here. First stop will be to the bootfitter.
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Originally Posted by rayl1964
Thanks for the info.
First stop will be to the bootfitter.

Good idea. Boots are the most important piece of your equipment.
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I'm glad she won, because new skis and boots might just improve her skiing dramatically! Then, you both win!

You have a good list to start with. Fortunately, women's skis and boots have improved tremendously over the past few years. Definitely have her demo the same ski in different lengths. Also, she can ask for recommendations when she's demoing.

If she hasn't bought skis in awhile, she'll find that she wants to go shorter than she's used to, so encourage her to do so. I used to ski 195s, now I am on a 167 (many people tell me I could be on a 160, but I don't like how that length handles for me). I'm 5'4 and 140 lbs. and a fairly aggressive all-mountain skier. She'll most likely want to be on a ski between 150 and 160 (closer to 150 I suspect, but you just never know).

Sounds too like she'll want a forgiving, very flexible ski so she doesn't have to work too much. Dynastars and K2s are known for those qualities.

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Atomic C9s are great. I am about the same height (135 lbs) and I bought a 150cm Atomic R8. They are a really nice all mountain ski. This year I upgraded to bigger, wider ski. If you want, I can sell you my R8 for $200. I used them about 10 days last year.
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I like the women's Atomic C:9 puls a LOT (though the color - puke green - is butt-ugly). This year's version is B:9 Balanze, red and while - mine were ordered last week!

I had never skied shaped skis before, and these skis were truly effortless to turn.

I skied K2 Flight last year (I have no idea what their comparable ski is this year), and didn't like it nearly as well; I also skied a pair of Volkl's (I'm not sure what, but I suspect they were more of a beginner ski) that I really hated. I had no idea there was so much variablility between skis! So I agree - demo days are the secret.

Have fun!

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