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look p-12 bindings

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I am after a pair of skis with Look P-12 bindings. Are these rental bindings? I haven't seen them yet. Thanks.
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The P-12 are not rental bindings and I have a pair that I would be willing to part with. The have only been skied on 3times. Great binding and never pre-release. Email me at bmg at u.washington.edu
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I just bought my third pair, and will buying my fourth pair of Look/Rossi Axial bindings in two years. (yea I buy a lot of ski gear) In my opinion, they are the smoothest binding on the market. Rarely do I have problems with prereleases, and when they do let go, its smooth, not jerky on the knees. I can also ski 1-2 full DIN settings lower on these bindings than on Markers (pending the ski). I have also found that the "turntable" type set up allows you to more easily put you ski back on in deep snow than other bindings.

Just my thoughts.
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Thanks for the feedback. I have already made arrangements for the purchase of Dynastar skis and Look bindings. Where's the snow?
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