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Lowest Base Elevation

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I was reading the Mt Tom thread and looked up Powder ridge and found it had a base elevation of 100 ft or so. I am a sick puppy and started wondering what place had the lowest base elevation. I found Marble Mountain in Newfoundland, which actually looks like a decent little hill with a base elevation of 33 ft above sea level. Can anyone beat that? Any ski areas that actually have some terrain below sea level?

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Yawgoo, RI, 70 feet



as for "real" (or major) ski areas, *Alyeska (AK) is at 250'.

*Just 40 minutes south of Anchorage, in an area of pristine, natural beauty and alpine challenge, you will find Alyeska Resort. It remarkably lays claim to the lowest base elevation of a ski resort in the world, although boasting a prodigious average snowfall of 556 inches a season. In fact, during the 1994/1995 ski season Alyeska received a record 918 inches of snow at the top of the mountain! Wide-open, above tree-line skiing tempts intermediate to advanced skiers on the upper mountain, while beginners favor the broad, gently sloping meadows below.
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How about Ski Ben Eoin in Nova Scotia? Base elevation 2 feet. (Yes, 2)
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Avg. Snowfall: 30 in.
hahaha, almost as bad as massanutten!
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Originally Posted by kev259
Avg. Snowfall: 30 in.
hahaha, almost as bad as massanutten!
They have 500' vertical and 3 lifts? 33 acres? Pretty dang small....


Base Elevation: 2 ft (1 m)
Summit Elevation: 504 ft (154 m)
Vertical Drop: 502 ft (153 m)
Skiable Area: 33 acres (13 hectares)
Annual Snowfall: 102 in (259 cm)
Snowmaking: 100 %
Number of Lifts: 3
Uphill Lift Capacity: 4,300 per hour
Types of Lifts: 2 Surface Lifts
1 Quad Chair
Number of Trails: 11
Longest Run: 4,100 ft (1,250 m)
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Hijacking this thread

I think it's going to be tough to beat 2'. I wonder what's the highest summit for lift served skiing?
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Go to http://www.southamericaskiguide.com/...s/chacalya.htm and see Chacaltaya, the world's highest ski area (17, 300 ft / 5300m). This place is in Bolivia. The base is 17,130 and the top of the lift is 17,785. Seems like long climb for 655 ft. of vertical.
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holy bring-your-own-O2-tank skiing!!!
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Can you imagine how hard you would rip if you skied there for a year, then jumped back to the East Coast?
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Base Elevation: 2 ft (1 m)
Summit Elevation: 504 ft (154 m)
Vertical Drop: 502 ft (153 m)
Ski areas, especially little ones, can get in trouble if they calculate their base elevation by subtracting their claimed vertical drop from their summit elevation. Most likely Ben Oin has a 450' vertical drop and a 50' base elevation. Otherwise waves would flood their parking lot on a windy day at high tide.

I think Yawgoo Valley's base is higher than 70' but again they have to make room for their claimed vertical.
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I wondered a bit about the storm surge in the winter. Maybe they have dikes to hold it back? (Right!) Your explaination, Mapnut, is a bit more believable. Did you notice that Ben Oin and Chacaltaya have very close to the same vertical? Interesting.
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