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Is anyone a member?

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Is it worth the price of admission?
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You'll pay more for newsstand magazines that don't give you personal support.
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I paid for a membership this year.

I am a gear whore so I like looking at all the skis from most of the manufacturers. I am kind of annoyed that some skis have not been rated yet such as Line.

Also if the skis construction hasn't really changed then the ski reviews are exactly the same. I guess that is expected though.

I am also dissapointed in the lack of new articles and other write ups. Maybe those will start to be updated as the season kicks off.

Since this is my first year I am not sure.
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Just a quick note that they seem connected to the Harold Harb PMTS system of instruction. This is not a bad thing, but it is controversial, if you search the forums here you'll see.

I learned a lot last year from his Anyone Can Become an Expert Skier II book and DVD, but he does disagree greatly with some accepted PSIA methods.

Personally I think a combination of his ideas and PSIA ones is the best approach, and my only word of "warning" is that he is very big on marketing himself and I think you might find the site to have a bit too much of his "stuff" on it.

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It is worth the price for another reviewing view---if ya know what I mean!

I haven't yet tried the personalized help part.
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I just got a subscription (but not a membership), and I would recommend it if you are looking to buy some skis soon. The buyer's guide is probably worth the price of subscription just for the piece of mind for most folks.

One thing I am dissapointed with however is that there are quite a few broken links on the site, and the same information published in multiple locations. While there does tend to be a lot of information on the site, I have found a lot of it is repetition. Hopefully as the ski season revs up, and as a result the site traffic, the content gets fresher as well.

Come here for the forums, these are much better than the realskier ones IMO.
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If you frequent ski swaps and eBay it is worth the price. It is a great reference for skis from previous years.
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I contribute alittle over there, all in all it seems like a good site. I agree that they are very HH biased, but like Skimango said it's not a bad thing Just take what he (HH) says for what it is, and that is a different view on the same subject, the more arrows in my quiver the better.
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Maybe 4-5 years ago I had a bunch of e-mails back and forth with Peter Keelty about appropriate skis and ski shapes for different purposes, such as teaching different levels of various things. He was very considerate and helpful. And no proselytizing.
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I joined it about a month ago and posted a question there before I discovered this forum.

I see the reviews and the articles as the biggest assets. The reviews are structured consistently using consistent terminology which makes basic info gathering & comparison easier.

As a forum it is not as well attended as this one. This is a well attended responsive forum with skiers of varied experience and locale.

As for the personal advice, I posted a question for personal advice and never got a response.
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I was the year before last. I agree its a great resource if you are looking for new skis -- I think the reviews are some of the best out there, though IMHO you can't put much stock in reviews anyway. But they are the best at giving you the facts straight. Other than that, its a mixed bag as others have noted. I think its a hard business model to make work with out some kind of critical mass. I do hope it does well.
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I subscribe to his site; his reviews are the only ones I've come across that are worth anything. He has a "numbers" system regarding a skis willingness to carve, skid, how damp it is, etc. From the skis I've demo'ed, I've found it to be pretty accurate.

He also gives each ski little symbols regarding its suitability for powder, ice, trees, bumps, etc., which again I've found to be pretty accurate.

The one issue I have with his reviews is his use of the "skier suitability" scale. He uses little black, blue and green skier icons to indicate what "type" of skier a given ski is suitable for. Wow! Reading his description of a "black" level skier makes you wonder who -- outside those racing on the world cup and those featured in ski movies -- could possibly qualify. Ok, high-strung skis require some decent skills, but you don't need to be a ski god to handle modern skis.
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I find the site an excellent resource and Peter is very helpful. Members can e-mail him for specific advice/questions. He is insightful and helpful.
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You can sum that site up in 2 points:

a. A great site for ski reviews. Peter's a great help if you need his advice on skis.
b. One big commercial for HH and PMTS.

The first point is definitely worth it if you can live with second.
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One thing that I find very well done are Peter's articles. I found them to be very informative and well thought out. Peter used to write one a week or so, and that was great. Now they seem to be once, every when ever.
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If you are a gear fanatic (75% of ESers?) I think you will find it worthwhile. And Peter is very personable/helpful as well.
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yes, yes, yes. Peter's advice via e-mail or telephone alone is worth many times the cost. the website info also is valuable.
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I've been a member for 2 ski reviews! cuts through the BS of ski/skiing mag style reviews and gives you information you can work with. Peter's "inside tracks" style articles are great, however their frequency dwindled over the past year. He says that he'll be writing more articles (regularly) this year...we'll see.

The PMTS forums have some good technical information if you can get past the cultish, preachy, "run on" nature of the posts, some of which I find unreadable.

IMO the site is worth the $ for the reviews alone...and Peter's cool : ...go for it!

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I agree with SJCOLL.

Last year I was looking for a new pair of skis for the first time in several years and found the reviews invaluable. They provided some real guidance as to the type of ski(s) and specific models I might like, and helped me focus my limited demo time (and money) on potential keepers.

That said, at this stage of life I can't afford to be the "gear whore" I might otherwise be, so when I'm not shopping, I don't pay all that much attention to ski reviews. I'm a charter member of this site and joined because I liked the Inside-Tracks-like articles/columns written by Peter and maybe half a dozen regular contributors which used to be updated at least once a month. Those updates became virtually non-existant last year, and if the content does not improve, I probably will not renew my subscription, at least until the next time I'm shopping for skis.
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thanks for all the input!!!!!!!
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