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weight of skis

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Where can I get concise, reliable information about the weights of skis? My mountaineering experience tells me that this if an often overlooked detial in the purchase of skis.

I'm think about going to Igneous skis for their durability.
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I have found Volkls to be heavy too. Do you think that has to do with wood versus foam core?
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Matter - I ski an Igneous and kinda agree with your assesment.

Igneous changed the tail design to currect the delam problem. I think they are as durable as any ski out there but they have a 3 yr warranty. They replaced my skis (one bent) last year and were great about it. I couldn't have hoped for any better treatment.

As far as dead, I wouldn't go as far as saying dead. To me they seem a bit livelier than the x-15 and similar to a snow ranger and a xx but I certaily wouldn't call them snappy. (It is tough for me to really compare the above skis as they were all skied on different days)

The G41 is the ski of choice this year in SLC, the 10ex is second. I would sure like to try them out.

Have you ever tried the asteroid of the nordica fat?
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