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Extra spots in SLC condo this winter!

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OK, this is kinda a wierd request so bear with me.

I have a condo booked on the base of The Canyons (not ski in ski out, but a short walk to the lift, you won't need to take any bus if you ski The Canyons). I have it for the week of February 7-11, 2005 (5 nights Sunday Night - Thursday night). The condo sleeps four people, but I had a few people back out on me and I have 2 open spots.

So here is the deal:

I am looking for one or two people to fill these spots. If we get 4 people the condo will cost you $157 for the 5 nights. If we get 3 people it will cost a little over $200 (THIS IS TOTAL FOR THE 5 NIGHTS!). The amenities include: full kitchen, common hottub, laundry on the premises (not inside the condo), gas fireplace, digital TV, etc.

You would be staying with 2 males ages 23 & 25. We are both engineers who work in NYC and when we go on ski vacations is generally more about the skiing and less about staying out till all hours in the morning (that doesen't mean we don't drink, but we do it in moderation so we can be up early).

We will be renting a car for the 5 days because we're about 2 miles from park city and we intend to do the following:
2 days at The Canyons
1 day at Deer Valley/Park City
2 days at Alta/Snowbird/Brighton/Solitude

I am ultimetly looking for the following:
1) A person in their 20's (preferably female, but if your male thats fine too!). It would also be nice in you live in NYC so we could meet up first (being as your going to spend a week with us :-P)
2) Please don't be a beginner! You don't need to be an expert skiier but it would be nice to be able to cut up the mountain in a group.
3) Someone who agrees that a ski vacation is about skiing and not about staying out at the clubs till 3 AM getting blasted.
4) If you want to ski with us at the various resorts we are going to ask that you chip in your share of the rental car. If you want to stick around Park City and just want to take the bus around that's fine too!
5) Oh, and if you snowboard thats fine too! :-P (but keep in mind you might not be able to go to all the places we do, as some ban boarders)

Please reply in this thread if your interested (and give me some details). If and when people start replying that their interested I will post my e-mail address so people can get in touch with me!
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I may be interested

Been looking for an affordable trip to Utah for a while, my girlfriend is in grad school so she can't go and going solo can put a big dent in my wallet!

I dont live in NYC though, Im in Baltimore so a meet up might be difficult. Im male (you may have figured that out already), 29, Network Analyst. I would say Im an advanced skier although you usually wont find me hucking myself off anything over a few feet. Like to drink but I can party at home, when I go skiing I generally do just that. Dont mind getting up for freshies, usually move a bit slower for crust. Never been to Utah but its on the top of my list. I would definitely kick in on the rental car as Im probably more interested in Alta/ Bird than any of the others. Email me if you like: gottajiboo at hotmail dot com.
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Guys-get your priorities right!!!!
Forget SLC and go ski Aspen and DO stay at the clubs till 3AM getting blasted. Half day lift tickets are cheaper anyway, and you can ski first tracks your whole married life.
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moving to meet on hill section.
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Dang..If we weren't going to MRG that week on a "Boys trip", I would be there. If it was only a week later or earlier.
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