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Plates for Salomon 3V

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I bought a pair of Salomon Equipe10 3V's at Sniagrab. They have no plate on them. When I got home, I looked them up on the internet, and all of them I could find had plates.

Am I correct in thinking that since these are skinny slalom skis that I should mount a plate on them? Or, should I just use a binding with a lifter? If I use a plate, what kind should I get? Does mounting a plate limit my binding choices?

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On my 3v's which are last years model I have the poweraxe slalom plate... It came with the ski but not attached to it. Salomon didnt include the plate on a lot of last years skis because people loved it so much for all mountain skiing and wanted the option of mounting bindings of their choice on the ski. thus the ski doesnt require a platee unless you are doing some serious carving or of course racing on them. If youd ont want to drop the cash for a race plate i would just go with the regular poweraxe energy2 binding that salomon offers - or a marker piston if you prefer marker - or a look... whatever you like to ski on but make sure the binding you chose has some sort of plate built into it. By the way the ski rocks - you will love it.
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