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avalung I vs Avalung II

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Are there significant differences other than size?

mountaingear.com has the Avalung I for $20 compared to $120 for the Avalung II.
I can tolerate a slight size increase in exchange for $100 off, but if functionality is not as good, safety would dictate the avalung II.

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The main difference is that the II is worn over your outside layer like a sling; the I is bulkier and is owrn like a vest. As far as I know the acgtual working parts are identical, or nearly so. The II is lighter and supposed to be easier to wear with a pack.

The inventor is on the faculty here at Univ of Colorado.
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I have both -- the mechanism is identical (both in appearance, and according to BD), although the weight difference is substantial, as is the bulk (if you need to put in a pack for, say, some long approach far away from potential avy terrain).
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A solution you might want to consider. I bought an Avalung 1, took it out of the vest, and built it into my pack. I have an Arctyryx 80 with a plastic stiffener sheet in a seperate pocket against the back of the back. I took out that sheet, put the Avalung in that pocket, and cut a small hole between compartments so that the exhaust tube ended in the bottom of the larger pack compartment. Then I firmly attached the mouthpiece to the pack strap so it cannot be pulled out of my mouth in an avalanche. Lastly, I reinforced my pack strapping so that my pack will not be ripped off in the sort of avalanche for which an avalung offers advantages -- being buried by a slough, for example.
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