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How is Ski Santa Fe and is snow there yet?

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I have some friends that will be going first of Dec. for business with a little pleasure thrown in. Wanted to find out how the skiing was there and if they have gotten any snow yet. What kind of conditions should they expect for the first of Dec.? Thanks!
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Was there two Decembers ago, early in the month, and it was pretty covered up after NM had some early snow. Excellent grooming if you like corduroy trails. Nice, family-friendly vibe, with terrain on the mildish side. There are some short, kind of sort of steep shots, though you'll want some coverage on that, of course.

Jamesdeluxe posted a a report with photos from that excursion; I'll look for it and post a link. If you're able and curious, you might consider hitting a couple of the other ski hills in the general vicinity.

And the town is a gem.

photos by jamesdeluxe

and more from that trip...

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We are big New Mexico skiers and no snow yet. Taos & Red River had 2 six inch snows early in month but hardly any since. Wolf Creek (Southern CO)has not even had its usually early dump. Red River and Taos have just started making snow in last week. I know it is early, but watching these big storms in Tahoe and Utah is about to throw me into panic mode. Usually but not always, to all of those who will object, Santa Fe and Angel Fire have a little less snow.
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Ski Santa Fe is a great resort for a business/ski jaunt. Done it many times myself.
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Thanks to all! So, average snowfall in Dec. would be minimal. Snowmaking would insure some runs open or is it a 100% snowmaking resort??
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Originally Posted by kdskis2
So, average snowfall in Dec. would be minimal.
Maybe, maybe not. Everything except those alluring tree shots at the top of the mountain were properly covered on that first weekend of December 2002. Last December was a bust, I believe. But if the region gets a big early season dump, it's game on.

Don't forget to have your picture taken on Ryan's favorite blue square: "Gay Way" (pictured above). Not that there's anything wrong with that.
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Ok, then, it could be hit or miss. But, is there snowmaking that covers most of the mountain or just a few of the blue/green runs? Thanks for the help, James and everyone else!
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I can't remember for sure but I believe snowmaking is minimal at Santa Fe with just a few trails covered. Last year even with snowmaking I don't believe that anything above that one base chair opened until Christmas. I could be wrong.
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First Tracks


i'm ready to go back.
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Did not be to be too negative. Santa Fe is great town and skiing is good. I think NM skiing is very underated. But part of the reason why is lack of consistant snowfall and snowfall this year has been poor.
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Well, my friends will have to wait til it is closer to the date to see if they will be able to Ski Santa Fe. Looks alright by me. Kudos for all the info! Might have to check it out in the future, myself. How far from Albuquerque?
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Santa Fe is about an hour if you drive like everyone else. (Maniacally) Then another 20 minutes or so to the resort. But you can have dinner and hang out in Santa Fe which is a really fun town.
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