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That's funny, today, we turned our clocks forward! Didn't know we did this at the same time as you lot. MOst of us are annoyed that it wasn't done weeks ago...the birds are up and screeching around 4am. Halloween is a bit of a fizzer for us, as it's spring. Some kids who watch too much TV still try to do the US trick and treat thing, and generally get told to bugger off, or have the hose turned on them.
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Happy Birthday Oboe
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Ooops - a few days late there..... sorry....

There is an old dude at our hill who is >80 & still skis well.... ask Ant - she has seen him race - my aim is to ski as well as him at that age....
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Thank you for the birthday greetings, disski, and for the reminder that I have now survived long enough to enter into the "old dude" brotherhood and to be oh-so-good "for my age" - although this trailer was always even more of a joy when I was younger than twenty.

. . . but seriously, for as long as growing older is more fun than the alternative, I'm all in favor of it - otherwise, not. So far, so good. It's delicious!
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