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Doug "Rooster" Campbell

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Doug "Rooster" Campbell, a well known face in the Mount Washington Valley passed away on October 15th. I am not sure if anyone here knew "Rooster" , but he helped out the New England Ski Museum at the Hannes Schneider Meister Cup Race for the years that I have attended. This past March I judged the Ice Sculpture Competition with him. He was also considered by some as the US Ski Team's No. 1 Fan. He was a course worker at Utah's Snowbasin Ski Area, site of the alpine speed and combined events, during the 2002 Olympics and was part of the security detachment at various World Cups during the past decade in Utah and Colorado. http://www.usskiteam.com/PublishingFolder/2462.htm

"Rooster" will be sorely missed by many.
DaveV, I borrowed your picture, I didn't think you would mind.
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Hey Teach, nice job on this post. What a wonderful use for the Forum! May we all hope to lead our lives in a way to be remembered someday like this.

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Rooster is certainly going to be missed! He was a fixture around races that we all looked forward to. Hopefully he's hanging with the greats somewhere now!
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