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Which binding for me X's

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Found some great prices on ski's here in the UK. Especially this years Bandit X.
If anyone has the time could they look at this webpage...
and recommend a binding to go with the X's.
I have no idea about bindings unfortunately so any help would be great.
I would like to get them mounted at the same time which is why I've posted this particular link.
Many Thanks
The hopeless one....
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From that page, I would {Pick the Rossignol Axial Plate 100's. I am a devoted Marker man, but I have used the Rossi bindings and had quite good experiences. I am a true beliver (be it fact or hype) in the rotational heel piece of the Rossignol, Look, and Marker Mrr bindings.
And too boot, I think the Rossi bindings are pretty darn light.

The only issue for you may be the DIN setting. These go from 3-10. For 90% of all skiers that will be just fine, but if you are a person of big DIN you might need a binding that goes to 12.

The bottom line is that all the bindings on that page are good and will work well. Find the binding that matches your ability. I've skied on all of the brands and own at least one pair of each. I have not had any issues with any of them.
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I'm not sure how things work on that side of the Atlantic, but over here you can extend the warrantee on your ski by buying a Rossignol binding for a Rossignol ski. Considering the Rossignol Axials are great bindings & the increased warrantee it would be foolish to look at other brands.

Your biggest concern is whether to get an Axial model with or without the plate. The plate will help stablize the ski & the extra height will help you carve better. The down side is it does influence the flex of the ski no matter what Rossignol says. If you are mainly skiing moguls & off-piste consider the model without the T-Plate. If you are skiing a mixed of packed snow and off-piste go with the T-Plate model.
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Rossi Axial. I own two pair. Never pre-released.
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Thanks Guys!
Looks like it'll be Rossi Rossi then.
Where'd I put that bloody credit card?
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