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Start with a boarder..pretty good! on the one stick!..big kid..teen.BAD! VERY BAD! DANGEROUS!! attitude..you know a big part already..just WAY,WAY too fast for the conditions..enough people that NOW isn't the time..WAY!! too close to others..little kids/families/novices..AND WORSE!! DELIBERATELY..racing towards them..veerng off..at the LAST second.A few pi**ed off people..understandablly..ski patrol warning.Not heeded.I ride up with another patroller I know..small girl..she is gonna pinch his ticket for the nite.We wait at the top.This is a private club..with some public tickets/guests.They take 0/ZERO sh*t here.Y'all act up here..warned..keep it up..they call the cops.The cops come. FAST.They AIN'T friendly for this kinda stuff here.Wanna fit ya out for them there "charm bracelets".Some of the resorts here..you act bad enough one time..hey guess what?..Ya ain't comin' back again.Ever.We sell PLENTY of lift tickets thank you very much..we don't need or want you..buh bye.First time bad enough..they call John Law..and you get "cautioned" for "trespassing".Next time you are seen here?You get the bracelets and a day in court for "trespass private property(after warning from Police Officer)"

We wait for this idiot at the top.She gives him the heave-ho..he gets all tough/swearing..says NO-ONE is gonna make him leave!.takes off..before we can really say/do anything..WOO HOO..a woman and a small child..let's see how close I can get/scare them..she sees him..basically gets off to the side.
HEAVEN!! NIRVANNA!!..we are following this idiot..up ahead..right at the side of the trail..what does he/we see..a small deer..this'll be like a BIG THRILL! terrifying a little deer.Uh..HELLO idiot?? anyone home??..ONE little thing ya gotta remember ok.."Where there are deer there are wolves"..try and remember that for next time..ok?

Sure..Bambi looks typical deer stupid/terrifed as he heads towards her with the wick cranked right up..this idiot never even knew what hit him!This wolf..about a good 150 lbs..comes BLAZING! out of the forest path .And I do mean at FULL throttle.The idiot is OBVIOUSLLY too concerned with Bambi..the wolf pre-occupied too.They sortta blind side each other.You shouldda heard it..didn't seem to derail the wolf that much.He seemed ok..running off.Boarder=season over..maybe worse.

The ironic thing was Bambi wasn't scared of no idiot boarder..and the wolf wasn't interested in Bambi..the wolf BLEW by Bambi..trying to save his own a**..as Bambis dad..or one of her relatives about 250-300lbs..came hurtling out of the forest chasing the wolf.
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Where can I get some of that stuff you're on? :
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Thats a great story, although my eyes popped out trying to read it.

Summary -- a$$hat boarder tries to scare a deer and gets run over by a wolf which was being chased by an even larger deer.
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I was finishing a hill last year and everybody was waiting at the bottom. I thought I'd blow them all in with a nice dusting of powder. As I approached and started to kick up some snow, the hill gave way underneath me. Instead of dusting them, I ended up flying backwards into a fence.

I was on the ground covered with snow, and they were all laughing!
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