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I think they're new, but I was wondering what people thought of the Volkl Karmas. Will a ski with an 87 width hold on the groomers and manage the bumps- or is this strictly an off piste ski? Should I go with the 724 pros for a better all mountain ski?
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I demoed them in a 177 a couple of months ago and my overall impression was soft and wide. Too wide for groomers or hard snow, but maybe it was the soft flex which made them wobbly on piste, either way I would avoid groomed slopes on these skis. They liked doing short turns in soft snow, they would be great for tight trees but they complain when you get them to do virtually anything else.

The 7:24 Pro is a much more versatile all mountain ski, and a good choice. It is definitely the second best all mountain ski on the market today. If you get it just make sure you get the flat version so you don't have to put up with Marker bindings.
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I think I am getting my 724's tomorrow... the flat version....don't give into the marketing
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Life is full of compromise. I like the challenge of a fat ski on groomers. If you can carve one of those, you have real touch. It doesn't hold well. You make constant adjustments. Its probably not pretty. It may not even be possible. The 724Pro would be much better on the groomers, but the bumps could really be a nightmare. I, myself, couldn't turn them in the bumps. I have heard others here have the same assessment. My personal preference in skis is now like my preference in cars. Get something that is great for some purpose, with liveable compromises for other purposes. Don't get something that tries to be good at everything because it will be a compromise at everything. My advice is to decide what you like to do the most and buy the right ski.
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