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Look Binding Mount

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I recently purchased a pair of dynastar skicross 66's with a metal "autodrive" plate. The plate came predrilled for look/rossignol bindings. I have picked up a pair of look p12's and the holes line up just right.

I have taken the bindings and skis into the local ski shop and they want $50 to mount the bindings. Since I dont have to drill any holes, I am tempted to just bolt the bindings up myself and pay the ski shop $15 to calibrate them. Is this a safe thing to do? If so, what adhesives should I put on the screws and how tight do they have to be?

Some advice would be greatly appreciated.
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$50!! : That's the kind of ripoff that makes me want to drink a half bottle of Wild Turkey and start swapping all my bindings around just for fun!

FYI, my son has the same skis. I got Look P12's and just screwed them right on. That's the beauty of skis that are pre-drilled to accept a certain binding.

You could put a little Loc-Tite on the threads, and crank the screws down real tight. I don't think you can strip them unless you're all juiced up on steroids.
Take them to a local shop and then pay them $15 to test them.
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I'm skiing on the exact same setup, but my plates didn't come pre-drilled! I wonder what the difference is? Anyway, great ski and binding combo, have fun out there this winter.
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