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Volkl 724 EXP?!

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There is so much talk in here about the pros, but not much is ever said about the exp's. I have read the short, but good reviews in all the mags, but have not heard any other reviews. I was thinking the exp is a good east coast alternative to the pro. I just want to know if it has good top end. I like to go fast on groomers, but I also like to explore and ski steep stuff which requires shorter turns(what the ski is suppose to be good at). does anyone have any demo time on this ski??? I am coming off last years 6 star which was not versatile enough for me. hoping the exp is the ski for me and can hang with high speeds.
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Peter Keelty's site says it is a "solid workhorse" with few surprises. Though
one of those surprises is lack of stability at speed. They liked the Superspeed
more than the Pro ("Burly") and the Exp.
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ahh, so no good at high speeds??? I'm not a big fellow...I'm weighing in at about 165. any other input?
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I totally disagree with the reviews at realskiers
Honestly, I don't really trust them.
They were totally wrong about the head monster i.m 75 chip Superrailflex and cost me a lot of money having to buy and then sell those skis.
And they underrated the Rossignol B2 in my opinion.
In reality, reviews are all garbage cause everyone has a different experience skiing. But here's my 2 cents about the exp.
I'm light, about 150 lbs and demoed the exp at 170cm on fairly icy eastcoast stuff--outta all the skis i demoed that day (including rossignol b1, b2, elan 666, k2 apache), the exp held onto that ice the best. Maybe i just had a really good tune but i've never felt so in control on ice before. I didnt get a chance to try it in moguls tho. But my advice is that for smaller ppl, the exp is no problem at high speeds.
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I have the AX3 in 170cm and G3 in 177cm. I'm 5"11" 185lbs. The 177cm is better for speed then the 170cm. The EXP is this years AX3, with a few differences. I have demoed the EXP and found it felt pretty much the same same my AX3 and G3. Great all round ski. My son demoed the EXP and said it was the most fun ski he had been on that Demo day until he got on the Ogasaka's. He skis hard and skis fast. When I saw him on the EXP's while I was on the lift he was about 4' off the snow flying about 30 feet. If you get the proper lenght you'll be fine.
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Has anyone demoed the exp with the motion rail with piston bindings?
Is there a noticeable difference between that and the flat version??
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I'm not a big fan of the motion system, I have only demoed it a few times. I don't feel the difference. I like the option of moving my binding to my next ski if I want to.

I have the Piston binding on my AX3's and G3's.

I will say the new EXP with that big arm on the binding looks interesting. I haven't done much research on it yet.
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I can't say I've ever had the opportunity to try the same ski with both a Motion system and a flat board. I just picked up some flat 724's and would really like to know if anyone has ever felt a difference between the two.

I always gravitate towards the simplest of binding set ups. The first thing I check/ask each time a new binding interface gizmo comes on the market is "what are the WorldCup guys on?"

Funny how for the most part they have always been and remain to be on "standard" bindings without all the bells & whistles.
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