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Boots: small heel, wide forefoot

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I have made myself a list of boots to look for, from this season's SKI magazine boot tests. I need a boot with a very small ankle and heel, but very wide forefoot and toe box. According to the tests, these boots might fit the bill:

Head WC Ti M103
Nordica W12/W10 W
XWave 10, 9w, 8/w (although I hate my 9s)
Tecnica Rival X9 Ultrafit /w
Atomic Race:11
Rossignol Power Race 9.1 Pro
Tecnica Diablo

Any comments? I have been in the first generation of women's Xwave 9s since 2001, and utterly loathe them. They definitely did NOT have a small heel. I need a boot without a high instep, too. Pizza feet.

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Hey, ant! You may want to look at the new generation Tecnica Diablos, too. They are specifically designed to that foot shape.
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Someone else mentioned those...that's right! Some old mates from Mt Snow I met last week. I'll add that to the list. Hope they're not bloody orange though...
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If you found the x wave heel too large, I think you'll find the Nordica and Tecnica Rival line to be even bigger in the heel. The upper level Nordica boots were my favorite in terms of comfort and features, especially the liners, but were too loose in the heel for me. I ended up with the x wave 10, which work great for me. The Head boots will certainly have a small heel, but not quite as wide a forefoot as the other boots you have listed. I don't know about the Rossi or Atomic boots, but I've been told many times I have an "Atomic" foot. If that's true, I think you'll find them too wide in the heel as well. If the heel has been your main problem, choose a boot that fits your heel and have the forefoot blown out. A good bootfitter is probably the first thing I'd shop for.
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Yep, any boot I get must have the front blown out, that's a given. but even so, the X-Waves hurt (outside of the foot), and I can twist my heel in the boot. Makes one-footed skiing almost impossible.My heels are tiny.
I was wondering if they'd changed the fit of the X-waves. I'd never call them snug in the heel.
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The new Atomic race boots may work, too (don't remember their model name).
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I have a narrow heel and medium width forefoot. I tried on numerous boots and ended up with the Nordica Beasts. The W12 fit pretty much the same and would have worked just as well. The other boots that fit me well were the Head WC line.
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I have small heel too. And the shoe manufacturer that use a small heel as their basic shoe pattern is adidas-salomon. So, try on those salomon boots.
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I just abandoned my horrible salomon X-Waves in the boot room, I ain't even taking them home. They definitely weren't small in the heel! When I first got them, Surefoot began padding out the heel/achilles area. 3 layers of blue foam later, they gave up and gave me Sidas foam inners to try and fix it. It didn't.
Maybe it was the ankle region that was too big. I don't know. Small heels don't anchor very well.
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Ant, Why not try on the Atomic SX9 boots? These are tritechs. If they're too wide in forefoot, go over to the bitech designs. Both designs have generous forefoot and narrow heels.
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chuckle, there is no such thing as too wide in the forefoot for me. I got some shoes in WalMart last year. I had to get men's ones (I'm not a man), and I had to find the "W" fitting. And they fit great. Except the heel sloshes around. I'm about a quadrouple E!
I'll add Atomic SX9 tritech to the list.

When I bought the X-Waves, I did try an Atomic boot...it was silver, I think, with red chequered flag design on. My foot was rolled up like a taco shell in it. Could be that the shop (Surefoot) didn't have the widest boots in the range (silly, as Australians tend to have wide feet).
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Hmm, This is interesting!

Seems Atomic were Koflach...I remember them and Dachstein being boot for paddle feet. They reckon they have made a line for "simian" (thanks!) feet, SX for men, and the CR for women. Wide forefoot (they mention the word E!), and narrow heel/ankle. Wow.
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I'm not sure about the reference to tritech with Atomic but in several boots including SX9 they have the +15 last. That is 15 % wider just in the forefoot so the heel, ankle and even mid foot remains the same and up front gets a bunch more room. The Atomic boot with checkers on it is race series and they only come in classic last. In fact that one sounds like last years and the +15 only went to some of the higher end this year.
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Sorry.I made a mistake. The Atomic SX9 is a new bitech design with extra room in the forefoot. Other, older design tritechs have somewhat less in the forefoot. Your feet will tell the difference if you try them on. Anyhow, the new boots have an improved liner, many are heat moldable. Buckles are also somewhat easier to close. The kids and I use various Atomics, but my wife wears Technicas as she was only able to find a better cuff fit at the time of purchase. I had Technicas also. They were fine boots with good arch support but with cramped forefoot drove me a little crazy.
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I reckon if there's cuff problems, they can be sliced down, and the top buckle moved! I don't mind butchering boots. It's the heel vs forefoot thing that's my problem. If the boots are that basic shape, and the heel fits, then the front can be blown out until it fits.
I just hope the instep isn't too high. That's another problem, having a huge cavern over the top of the foot.
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Have you tried Dalbellos? My foot is a similar shape as yours, though not as extreme, and they work great for me. I have pretty big/bony ankles, though (compared to a narrow heel). I use the Dalbello V-12.
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I wore some Dalbello rentals back in oz on a bad weather day. I was furious to find they actually fit better than my ultra-custom Surefoot X-Waves. Lots of cushiony stuff inside. but, they were way, way too soft! Luckily it was a powder day so not so vital. I cannot imagine how learners ski in those things.
I do intend to have a look, however I have a notion that the heel/ankle area is fatter.
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Ant, my wife has a foot like your describing and she has been in Atomic tritech boots (classic)that have been punched out previously with good results, she is now in the Atomic cr9w , they are a wider fit (different last) than the classic that L7 was refering to. They also have a womens specific cuff for the calf muscle problem , over all she's very happy with these boots. If you look at Atomic boots note that any of the tri-tech boots (even though they are wider already) are still not as wide as the new bi-tech (refered to as wide body). I believe they are called the b9w for 04/05.
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Awesome. That ties in exactly with the website I found (some shop in Mammoth). CR 9 W is the ladies version. And yeah, they said they were wider than previously. These could be The Boot. Now I have to find some!
I'll need the low cuff too. I have a giant calf muscle. It used to be a man's one, high on the leg. Then I had a shin operation, and that caused it to get bigger lower down (anterior fasciotomy).
I'm glad boot makers are now recognising that if so many people need boots stretched at the front, there is a demand for a boot like this.
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Giant calf then again the Atomic is probably a great boot. CR9 +15 specically. That is a bi tech boot. I'm just not clear on the tri tech bi tech corresponding to a given shape I think they describe materials. The width is covered by the classic or +15 description.

No wonder you hated the X Wave since as mentioned elsewhere they do not vary the cuff height men's to women's yet persist in referring to woman's anatomical design. Salomon where marketing trumps design and function everytime.

Leeroy mentions a B series which is new next year and features the wide last through the whole line. Basically the wide last will be available through a much broader range of the line next year and I believe extends into the tri tech boots for the first time. I spent a weekend dealing with next years boots and then get confused on what goes where when.
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I highly recommend the great bootfitter, customize the shell, custom insole, alignment (canting and fore/aft balance) then custom foam liner and tongue route. Especially for skiing professionals it is the most effective way to be sure to get boots that are comfortable AND perform. While it may not save much money it sure does eliminate the foot discomfort and significantly increase the performance. That procedure also provides a bootfitter who you may return to if problems occur. So, go to one near where you live or at a location you visit frequently.

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get a tecnica xt, get them stretched. the best boot out there by far, for speed anyway.
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I bought a pair of Atomic CR10W this year -- I believe this is the classic last. The fit was similar to the Lange Comp 100s I tried on, narrow in the heel and ankle, but wider in the forefoot. The Lange was crunching my pinky toes. I don't know how wide you need, but they are quite roomy up front while holding my ankle well.

The only problem I'm having with them is the instep, but that's because mine is high; you said yours was not, so perhaps that's the ticket. I don't know what changes are made for next year, if any.
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Ant, My apologies to you for any confusion my first may have caused. I have a nearly neew pair of Atomic SX9 boots for myself and there's a fair increase in forefoot room as opposed to my older Atomics of the same length. My feet probably wouldn't be flatter if someone ran over them with a lawn roller. The nearly new Technicas that I used to have, were evidently made for someone with normal arches-not me. Cuff room was adequate but Atomic has more room there also. I believe my wife would be happier with a pair of these as well; but I don't wanna go thru another boot war. It took quite an effort to get her switched out of her old comfy rear entries. Whew! She's better off, but try and convince her of that.
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chuckle, boot war! That's funny...people are very stubborn about their beloved rear-entries, aren't they? I have a pair of white ones in the cupboard.

These atomics are really sounding like The Goods. I need a boot as wide as they come in the front, but child-sized in the heel, and pretty skinny in the ankle too.
And flat. I wear a custom podatrist orthotic, which has a very built-up heel, but the X-Waves were still too roomy in the instep.
God they were a rotten boot. You'd need a very good salesperson to ever get me near a pair of Salomons again.

I'm now tossing up where to buy the boots. There is an excellent bootfitter here in Canberra (I think he's masterfit, and he's a VERY successful masters racer, here in Oz and in Austria too). So he knows his stuff. he owns the shop, also.

but I'll be in a differerent town for the season. but i'd really rather buy from him. Maybe I will (if he has the boot that is) and then pay someone in the ski town to do subsequent work.
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Ant are you back home now?
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yep. sitting up in my house, in blazing bright sunshine (I never get used to how bright it is here), listening to birds! We got a very light snowfall in teh snowies yesterday (gone now). Poplars are all yellow. And I'm about to phone the local ski shop and see what boots they're getting in!
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What did you eventually get sorted with the boots??

I can feel your pain girlfriend with your old ones.

I have been going through hell with my Salomon X-Wave 9Ws ever since I got them also. They were not too bad for the first few weeks but as they started to pack out I haven't been able to get them right.

A few weeks ago I had a heap of foam glued to the liners which is helping keep the heel in place but they were still a little sloppy in the forefoot so the guy glued some cork to the foot plate (I don't know if thats what it's called but is the plate thingy that is inside the boot under the liner). This has also helped the slopping around but now I am getting way too much pressure on the tops of my feet and can't do the buckles any looser.

It is amazing to suddenly be able to feel my edges again in fact they are so there now that it took a while to adapt to not catching them.

The calf is still crushing into the bottoms of my large calf muscles and causing lots of pain though, not so much whilst skiing but in the days afterwards, so I am really thinking new boots are in order.

I was speaking to Peter Clarke (Jindy Sports) today on the phone and he said the new Tecnicas are coming out with a lower cuff than previously so might be a good option but in the meantime I am going to see if he can doctor the Salomons to get me through the rest of the season.
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