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Soul Purpose?

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Has anyone seen this? They're showing it Tuesday night at the Dillon Damn Brewery. Wondering if it's worth going to?
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they've got many threads about this over at the teton gravity forums that may give you a good review or several. i havent checked them out though. i figured it was the name of some boarder's band.
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I liked it. If its only like $10 or less I'de go see it.
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Based on some of their previous flicks, I'd pass.

Unless you happen to love bad rap music and rails. Lot's of rails.
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Originally Posted by Lisamarie
Has anyone seen this? They're showing it Tuesday night at the Dillon Damn Brewery. Wondering if it's worth going to?

Here's my review from September 19:

Bottom line, I guess, is that it feeds the craving for skiing but I don't know that I'd actually *pay* to see it:

(and xdog; park/pipe/rail skiing are significantly reduced - hooray)

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"Soul Purpose" Review - New TGR Film
Well, how was I supposed to avoid it?

I'm leaving work yesterday and had to walk right by the Teton Village Festival Hall at the exact moment they opened the doors for the premier of TGR's new movie. Not only that, I ran into a friend who had an extra complimentary ticket. So, in I went.

It's a good movie. Lots and lots of jumping off incredibly crazy things, racing sluffs down insane pitches, and cool segments from exotic places. The parts from Bulgaria and Russia are fun and just underscore how many zillions of miles of mountain ranges there are in the world that have hardly had skis touched to snow yet.

A couple of observations:

* Gap-jumping is still in vogue.

* Rail-sliding is not (thankfully).

* Park/pipe footage is significantly reduced (thankfully).

* Landing backwards off cliffs in the backcountry is very much in vogue (although I can't quite figure out why).

* The footage of the skiing BASE-jumper(s) is unbelievable.

* There's actually some great footage of plain old powder skiing. Actually making turns on "normal" terrain in deep snow. What a refreshing concept!

* In an interesting, sort of retro-Warren-Miller-homage thing, there's a fun bit of footage of Stowe, VT. Looked like some outstanding tree skiing.

* Jeremy Nobis is still utterly crazy (after all these years).

* Some skier named Jonny Law disappears after a pretty big avalanche has stopped and everybody on the radios is going "Like, where is he? Where is he!" Luckily, he got spit out to the side and pretty much uncovers himself, but the rescue contingency seems a bit inadequate to me. (Maybe that's just my old-fogie-ness speaking).

They had lots of free swag, outrageously loud music (old-fogie-ness again), and tons of energy. It was really fun and now the forecast is for several days of snow in the mountains.

Life is good.
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