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Atomic SX:7 for 14 year old girl?

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hi , i have a pair of Atomic pro race 6.22 (or something along those lines....junior skis) and i'm going for an upgrade and was wondering if the SX:7's would be good. i weigh about 110 lbs, pretty short (about 5.1') and i'm a pretty good skiier (alot better than beginner, probably about a moderate intermediate). this year, i'm going on the race team, so i wanted a good pair of racing skis, but also something that i could use when i just go to Blue Mountain with my friends (carving skis, i guess) and something that isn't extreamly expensive. So if you could help me with my decision or give me tips on other skis that (based on my description, or you could ask more questions if needed) sound good for me, that would be great! Or if you think i would die with these skis: ....that would be good to tell me too!
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Hi Rebecca, welcome to EpicSki!

I just went through the same decision looking for skis for my 14yr. old son. I was thinking of a ski for a lightweight adult, such as the SX:7. I asked for advice from several good ski shops, and they all agreed that someone under 120 lbs. might have trouble flexing an adult ski, unless they're skiing at very fast speeds. And an adult ski wouldn't be much fun in the bumps.

They recommended a top Junior Slalom Race ski, twin tip ski, or cross ski.
I ended up getting a Head XRC Junior, which I think will be perfect.

You weigh more than my son does, so if I were you, I would probably get a Junior SL Race ski, something like THIS in a 153.
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Our daughter just went off to college but raced for her high school for 4 years and we went through equipment selection decisions every season and I can offer a few tips. First, if you can talk with the ski coach you might get some help and possibly a discounted price. Also at big ski areas with big racing programs their clubs and teams often have a website with used equipment bulletin boards and you can get absolutely everything: skis, GS suits, shin guards, etc very affordably. BTW we ended up with Salomon Equipe 10T 3V's and she moved on to the adult Equipe 3V 150cm when she was 17 I think (at about 130 pounds) Those skis have a reputation for being pretty forgiving if your not perfect. 153cm in that Fischer WC sounds a little long to me at your weight but, again, check with your coach.
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Hi pinkdragon,

From what I've been told, most adult skis work best if you are over 120 pounds. Otherwise, you need to be a pretty strong and fast skier to make them bend enough to work for you.

Do you really need new skiis? If your skiis are good enough, the cheapest way is to keep them. NewHampie says talk to the coach; they'll know for sure. I agree. That is the most important thing to do.

Dynastar Omecarve 08 jr is a fine ski to learn to carve and race on, and it's great for free skiing too. It's called the Team Speed this year, so if you find the Omecarve 08 jr, from last year, it should be way cheaper. The shape is 98/64/85. That's the width of the tip, waist, and tail of the ski in millimeters. There are other skiis that have a similar shape, and they are fine too. The Head iXRC 125 is too wide in the tip. The Rossi Power 8 racing has a 101 tip. It's ok.

I don't recommend a tip bigger than about 100 mm unless you already know how to carve, and do it well. The bigger shape will turn way faster, so you've got to be ready to handle it. I would not learn to drive a car using a race car. It's the same with skiis.

So, I'd for sure avoid real jr race skiis (the ones with a plate or huge shapes), until I could get both skiis way outside when turning, and really want to carve a super tight turn at high speed. Then you'll really be ready for the hourglass shape. Until then, I'd stick to the intermediate level jr skiis.

Good luck!
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I could lend you a hand here. This year I am one of the Captains of my High School ski team so I have dealt with a lot of these problems over the years. Your best bet is to call around to ski shops and check the internet for skis, and if possible try to get last years skis. At your level you probably don't need a race ski for your type of racing. I would recommend and intermediate or advanced skis for you. Atomic is my favorite company so I have a bit of a bias but I feel the SX7's would be fine for you. A few of the girls on our team last year got them and they were fine, and some were around your weight and size. If you can try out some skis, but make sure you don't get anything out of your league, I remember my first year on full blown race skis with little race experience. It was not fun. If you want a race ski get something forgiving. Thats my 2 cents.
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Well I am also a high school racer. Similar to you, I started racing in HS. From my experience I would recommend a ski that you can manage. I disagree with BIGE on the shape of the ski. I think that you will quickly improve and will find a ski will a tip of 105+ much easier to turn by the time you have skied 5-10 times. You will probably end of racing some slalom and having a strait ski is much harder in the gates. I had a GS jr. ski in my first year which didn't have a wide tip and I didn’t do well racing. The strait skis you can't carve, its like more skidding to start the turn. If I were you I think that you could ski the jr. SL ski. I think the Fischer rc4 sl that carvemeister would work well in size 143cm. I went from junk rental skis to race skis without really any problems. It will take a couple of days to adjust, but then you won't make the same problem as I did wanting new skis the next year! My sister similar age and size has the atomic 10.22 jr. in 150cm and is looking to get a slalom ski since they turn too slow for the slalom courses. Also a slalom ski are more versatile since they can do GS and free ski well, while a GS ski are not good at slalom.
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I have multiple pairs of race skis, Salomon Equipe 10 3v's, Atomic GS 9's, and a pair of Atomic Sl11's . I started with the 10 3v full race model in a 176 cm and i'm like 5'9" and it was not easy. Not because of the size but for a beginner racer you do not need a full blown race ski. Especially since she is an intermediate I wouldn't recommend a race ski. Unless of course she wants one badly, I would recommend just getting the SX7.
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Well if she is going to race, free ski, and only has can have one pair I think that a jr. race ski will work. By switching to a race ski, if forced me to get better and because of this I am a much better skier. She is also in-between jr. and adult ski which would make a jr. race ski easier to ski than someone 90lbs. The sx7 would work, but by the end of the season you might have already outpaced the skis.

If I were you I would look into getting skis on ebay. You can save tons of $$! Look at these:
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...0064 564&rd=1
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While a cheap race ski is attractive, (even if just for the bling factor), remember who they are for -- people that already can carve.... In fact, they are for those that can really lay the skis out there. Everyone else should avoid them.

What does "forced me to get better" actually mean? I'd guess you had trouble skiing with them? And how is that going to let you learn the RIGHT movements to carve and get the skis out there, as opposed to movements which just keep you upright? Sorry, that's no way to learn to ski.

It's not just about making it down the hill. It's about being comfortable enough to learn and in the end, doing it right. At best a race ski will make learning very uncomfortable and possibly teach the skier a bunch of wrong moves.
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I concur with BigE race skis are best left to upper level skiers.
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hi everyone! thank you so much for all of your sugestions. i just got back from the good old barrie ski swap with................the sx:7's. the people there said that i should do fine on them (i guess because they actually got to look at me in person...) and plus, all the junior skis they had were the same as the one's i already have. i can't wait to use them!!! they're so new and shiny and green...sorry, i just seriosly can't wait! anyways, thanks again!

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