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Help from the boot fitters

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Hi all,

Need help with some boot issues.

Male expert skier, 5’11”, 180lbs, 50 days per year, mainly pow/crud/slush and park. Skiing on Gotama’s in Tahoe/Mammoth.

Pretty normal foot shape. C+ in width. Big ankle bones.

Previous boot:
I dad been on Nordica Grand prix boots for the last 6+ years. I had no complaints whatsoever. I decided to get new boots since conventional wisdom says these must be packed out by now. They are also so old that a buckle could fail at any moment.

I went through the boot fitting process this fall. After trying on lots of boots I picked the Techinca Icon Alu Hot Form from 03/04 season. They had the most “glove like” fit of all the candidates. I did get the custom liner. The Salomon Xwave 10 was also in the running till the end.

I have been on the Technica’s for 2 days (thanks to early season Cali storms). I am wondering if they are too “precise” and tight for all around free-skiing. The foot is basically locked in place which is good, but the liners seem thin and don’t seem like they will pack out too much, they are way less padded than my Nordica’s.

I have been in a lot of pain the first two days, particularly in the ankle bone area. Not sure if these liners even have enough padding to eventually conform to the shape of my boney ankles. They felt tight and precise in the shop but that is translating to painful and uncomfortable on the mountain.

They also have a fairly aggressive forward lean, which I eased up a bit by removing the spoiler in the back and adding some inserts into the tongue. However I still would like a bit more upright stance.

So basically, the non-padded liner plus toomuch forward lean are causing me to think I should go back to the boot fitter and get more work done or change boots. Or perhaps I should ski them some more?

How many days till the liner is broken in?

Are there any modifications which can be done to alleviate my two concerns: general uncomfortable ness and too much forward lean?

What is the general trend these days as far as forward lean goes? Are the jib boots more upright?

The shop also has the Xwave 10 which I can swap out for. Would this make sense?

Thanks for any help
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I would head back to your fitter, the ankle area can be punched out to help with the fit, and maybe alittle padding is needed in that area.
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If The Grand Prix you are coming out of (what color) is blue and gray or green and gray, you probably have some foward lean and ramp angle issues. That grand prixs had a fairly upright cuff (10-11 degrees) while the icon alu is a litttle more foward with a higher ramp angle.
As fo the liner, if you did get the hotform i would heat it then buckle it down as tight as possible, even if it kills your foot. This will allow it to conform more precicly (sp?).
Punching is an option as well, just be careful. If you punch that boot where the carbon is before you you actuall grind it, there is a high probability that you will either crack or seperate the shell because of the carbon endo frame tecnica uses.
Good luck
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The grand prix was green and gray/black. It looks about the same ast the technical as far as forward lean goes but I don't feel like I am leaning forward in them. I like to be able to lean forward, but don't want to be forced into that position.
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If you open the upper cuff the year should be stamped inside. The Upper and lower cuff are probably hitting, locking the boot out. This is an easy fix, someone needs to grind the upper cuff (right below the buckle cleat all the way around to the end of the cuff) so that you have more clearance.

THe tahoe area i would take it to christian at elite feet. He knows what is up.
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Are you saying I can decrease forward lean by grinding down some of the interface between the upper and lower cuff in the back of my Technica's? I was looking at them and thought this might work.
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