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What ski size???

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Hi. I hope some can help me. I am about to buy a pair of Rossignol RPM 90's. They have the same side cut as this years Oversize 9X, but with slightly more flex.

I have been skiing with my old Rossi Bandit X's for 5 years, and they are 184cm. I am looking to go shorter, as I find them a little hard to turn in the tight areas, but I like their stability at speed.

Basically I stick to the groomed generally, but like bumps and off-piste when its good. I love speed, but want to imporve my quick turns (something I havent been able to do with my current long skis).

So, should I get 167 or 174? I have spoken to several different ski experts, and they recommend different things.

I weigh 150lbs and am 5'9".

Thanks guys.
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Originally Posted by Wear The Fox Hat
Ditto that!
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Thanks guys. Anyone else have an opinion? Will I fell unstable on the 167's? Especially as I am used to a much longer ski (184)?
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Me third. If turning is your priority go short.

You've still got the 184s for GS's.
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nickcom says that speed is important......167's don't find speed to be very important. All they want to do is turn.
Going from 184 bandits ...which would probably turn better under a bigger frame..to 167 cm will be a blow to the ego. The need for speed will not be quenched, your need to slow down and "ski pretty" will be fufilled. May I offer that you knock off some length but keep your sanity and retain your manhood ( I'm just assuming that your male ). Go 174... You'll turn better than a finnish ski ballet instructor and you'll surely ski faster than one.
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Thanks for your input guys. Im still finding this decision really really hard. Although I am probably an advanced skier, I tend to struggle on certain parts of the mountain - mainly trees and tight areas. My old skis (which i have sold), being rather long, just preferred for me to point them down the hill and ride it out. I really want to improve my quick turning ability, but still want stability at speed.
I am tending towards the 167, as my logic is that i wouldnt notice the difference in length (versus 174) when it comes to high-speed stabilty, but I will notice the difference when it comes to responsiveness. Also, having dualvas and dualtec, this ski ought to be pretty stable irrecpective of length. Also, I want to be able to really notice a difference in my turning, which is pulling me towards the 167s.

Do you guys agree?
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LAst year I was on the 9S Oversize at 158. ( I weigh 190.) For a GS ski, I would use a 9X at 175, but I wouldn't use a GS ski except for racing. The 9s is is stable enough if you stay on its edges.
Hope this helps.

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Originally Posted by nickcom

So, should I get 167 or 174? I have spoken to several different ski experts, and they recommend different things.
Umm...demo both and you decide, not the experts.

...or are you under early season "pro-form pressure" and want to buy before the skis go bye-bye at Rossi?

If not, you're talking about sinking several hundred dollars into new skis...which will ski very differnetly than the Bandits in either length. A Bandit X that is five years old isn't going to have anywhere near the snap of a new O-90. Who knows, either length of the O-90 might out-perfrom the now diminsihed hi-speed prowess of the Bandit-X.

Wait for snow, then spend the $30 on a demo and sleep easy the rest of the season...
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Originally Posted by Bandit Man
Umm...demo both and you decide, not the experts.
I never get a chance to demo anymore, but I don't miss it. When I decided by demos, I always ended up with a ski similar to the last ski I had. When I just took what the reps suggested, I started getting getting really different skis- short slaloms or mid-fats or other skis I wouldn't have bought had I demoed them. The funny thing is, even though I often didn't like the new skis at first, after a couple of days I would never go back to my old skis.
If you haven't skied a lot of real short skis, it will take a while before you learn to work them. If you get a ski that you really don't like, there's always Ebay.
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Demoing is not really a possibilty, as I need to get these skis pretty soon, before the ski season starts. They are last years ski (the RPM 90), and are at sale for less than half price, so are selling like hot cakes.
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