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I've been searching for gloves for a couple years now with no good success. I'm looking for the opposite of most people, that's why. I am looking for a lightweight glove, that is still waterproof. Last year I bought a pair that I thought would be good, but they were still too heavy. My hands sweat in them and I freeze(like that in any conventional ski glove).

I end up wearing gloves from Wal-Mart for $8(they have 40g insulation). I love the flexibility of the lightweight glove and the cheapies are the perfect amount of insulation from me. The problem is, of course, they aren't very water resistant, as well as the rip apart after not many ski days and they need to be replaced often(I ski'd 47 days last year, Northeast).

Any suggestions on a lightweight, waterproof glove?

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KevGloves. Not waterproof, resistant and dry out, but undoubtedly the most durable ski glove ever made. google......
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Here is the best glove deal on the market. We use them and they work great.
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I saw the Head gloves yesterday at Burlington coat factory. They're exactly *not* what I'm looking for. As I said, I need something that doesn't have much insulation, that provide good range of motion. The Head gloves have way too much insulation(you even said they're warmer than others) and the range of motion sucks(you even said they're not as nimble).

Any more ideas?
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Check out Level gloves.

I have a pair of last year's X-Tiger which I can only wear when the temps are above 15-20 degrees.

They would probably be perfect for you.

I know that they changed alot of the gloves in this year's line so they are not named the same thing and they do not have Outlast in them.
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Originally Posted by Bandit2941
Any more ideas?
Warm weather Serius gloves.
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Originally Posted by Coach13
Warm weather Serius gloves.
Those look pretty cool!! I've got a friend who would wear black sportbike riding gloves on warmer days, non-leather. Worked pretty good I guess but not water proof. These serius gloves look better.
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I've always had good luck with Marmot

check out the Spring Glove by Marmot, They're bomber and not very insulated. Other marmot items could include the XT glove which is less bulky or a softshell like the Sharp Point glove. www.marmot.com
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For warmer weather I wear a slightly oversized Windblocker fleese glove (Mountain Hardware) and a liner glove I bought separately ( in my case also Mountain Hardware). The windproof aspect is nice though I would call this setup only water resistant.
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Every try a cross-country glove? Seriously breathable.
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The KevGlove is back online at pmgearusa.com - I might get myself a pair to check them out...
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I don't know if this would help or not, but here are some climbing gloves from Mountain Equipment Co-op:


(Note: Cost is in Canadian, so it's cheaper than it looks.)

If that's not what you're looking, try a search on "gloves" on the site -- there are lots of other sports, too. I just thought that mountain climbing would require very good finger dexterity + water proofness + breathable fabric, which sounds like what you're looking for.
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There are some gloves on the market with a removable fleece liner, waterproof outer. You could pull the liner for anything but bitter cold weather. Can't remember the companies, but several make them. LewBob
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