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Traveled Skiiers--Need you help

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Hey those of you who have been around can probably help me. The skiing doesn't have to be perfect but we're looking for a resort that has all kinds of things to do--kind of like breckenridge. The village there is great. You can go on vacation there even if your not a skiier and enjoy it. I have three adult children 18,20,21. Any suggestions Been to Park City and Heavenly already Would like to try Blackomb Any other suggestions>>>>
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Whistler Blackcomb is great. Low altitude means you aren't sucking wind for 3 days after you arrive. The attitudes of everyone working there are great, which I like as well. Stay in the village to walk to the action. Food, accomodations, and skiing are all much cheaper than Colorado....skiing was like $52/day last year at peak times I think.

Vail is also world class....but bang for buck, I like Whistler.
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Why not try St. Anton, Austria. Excellent lodging for 4 (with kitchen and 2 baths) costs about $200/night; lift tickets are under $30/day; airfare from just about anywhere in USA to Munich or Zurich during the winter is about $400. Skiing is the best in Europe; nightlife is lively; Tyrolean charm cannot be beat.
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A 2nd vote for Vail. Great skiing, a ton to do otherwise.
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I'm your kids age (22). Thinking back, one my favorite vacation was probably Whistler-Blackomb. SO much to do! We always tended, though, to go for skiing. For PURELY skiing, I would choose elsewhere. The skiing wasn't the best, but there is deifinantely something for everyone.

I liked vail a lot too, but was so expensive I felt bad!

Slowly moving up my list has been Salt Lake/Park City. Not everybody has to ski, there's so much other STUFF to do and so many resorts. It's a city crying out loud.

My vote still goes to whistler. Kids can walk home after skiing (or ride the bus). Mom and dad can shop, sit in the Hot tub, and ski half days (like my parents did). There is also nice snowshoeing and C.C. skiing in the area.
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Vail, Aspen, Crested Butte, Telluride in that order. You can snowmobile, iceskate at Aspen, CB and Vail. Telluride, I am not sure about the iceskating. Many bars in Aspen. CB and Telluride smaller, but have great towns with bars, restaurants. But, Overall...I would have to say Vail or Aspen!! Good luck!!
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Don't go to Whistler unless you want your three kids stumblin' through the village drunk, every other night, like the groups of 18 and over legal age drinkers that were puking on the sidewalks when I was there.

I'm sure they might love you for it though!

Other than that, it's a great mountain. Stick with the above suggestions about Vail, Aspen, and possibly Jackson Hole for some great snowmobiling side-trips.
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Whistler definetly offers something for everyone...big time night life, big mountain, and lots of shopping and dining....for those between 18-21 can't see your kids complaining about anything...they have a chance to see pro's on the mountain on any given day...always something happening, and the parties and clubs at night are as big as a major city (and your 20 year old can get it...possibly your 18 year old if he turns 19 before your trip...)

As far as overall value, definetly one to be considered...
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Not my favorite skiing, but for diversity, South Lake Tahoo has something for everyone- rent a car and you can ski lots of great areas and there is plenty to do apres ski--
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Consider Steamboat or Bachelor

The skiing is not as extreme as some of the other big names, but the town and on-mountain village have plenty to offer. Nightlife is good, but not in the same league as WB, but what is? The snowmobiling in Rabbit Ears pass is a blast. Cost is reasonable and there are NO CROWDS.

Mt Bachelor, similar story, slightly better skiing, nothing on the mountain, but Bend is a great town. Cost can be very reasonable . . . if you can work out the airfare or don't mind flying in and out of Portland (3hrs away).

With all that said, our crew will be returning to WB this year after 6 years at other spots.
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I vote for Whistler/Blackcomb. Go in the late season and you can get low rates and less people. The nightlife is crazy if you are looking for that type of thing. Not my cup of tea. If you have mall-people with you they'll love the Village. While they're shopping you can be skiing. If you go late in the season ski at Whistler and stay on the Peak Chair. The sun angle is such that you can have wonderful snow on a sunny, warm day. If you're looking for a party go during the Tellus festival in mid-April. Be prepared for big crowds, but the revelry is unbelievable.
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I would vote for Whistler! There is a lot of things to do besides skiing and your kids will love having a beer with you in the bar.))
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Whistler if you want something approaching decent nightlife. (If you want real nightlife, head to Europe)
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