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Originally Posted by skiingman
I, too, have found that a slightly convex wax iron works best.

I don't know that I'd agree that edges are easier than waxing. Perhaps simpler...but the fine motor skills required are greater.

Disc edgers are great, but are not impervious to user error. This is why choosing your tuneguy/gal is important.

Now that's a FACT!

There is only one way to run a ceramic disc edger to insure the highest consistency.

I know for a fact that very few people know what that process is.

That's a bummer.

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this is mostly a question for Ski doc,

On a brand new pr of modern skis, what steps should I take to get the edges slope worthy. I just got a new pr of Stockli's shipped in (last of the budget, now scrounging for travel funds). The edges look completely square, are w/o a doubt razor sharp and have grind marks in them identical in size and pattern to the longitudinal scoring on the base, leading me to believe that they are more or less a blank slate as far as tuning is concerned.
What angles, how do I get them, how much to detune and where. I'd take them to a shop but to be quite honest I'm poor (college student), and the only ski shop in this putrid state is less than stellar, to say the least.(it's NE, what'd you want)
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If this link works, this may answer your questions.  It is an eight part series about new ski prep..  Be good, Jacques

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Originally Posted by Gotama View Post

I don't know about messing w/ a new ski just because you can. Every time I have gotten a new Volkl or Atomic I felt the best tune was out of the wrapper.Not that a susequent tune didn't help, but that the Factory Tune had never been equaled.Especially w/ Volkl skis.

I got a new pair of Atomics.  The tune was so so.  For out of the "wraper" not bad.  I tuned them to the hilt before I skied them, because they were not killer.  They are killer now!  Be good!


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I'm guessing he figured it out one way or another over the past 7 years.  biggrin.gif

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Jay T you are so right.  I just don't always look at the dates.  You know sometimes things just go on forever!  Be good.

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Becasue Beer is an important part of any waxing session, I recommend that you spend as much time as possible waxing the skis before the season starts beercheer.gif


If your not sure what is the best way to prep skis for the start of the season, check out the Swix site.  They have good info on how to prep race skis.  www.swix.com



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