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Goggle Recommendations

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Under $40 Brand and where to purchase
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Go to the search and type in "goggles". There's a ton of stuff from there and much talks about brands, price, etc.
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good quality from bolle and smith
two brands which have held up well
every scott goggle that I ever had did not last
the foam as well the frame fell apart after on season
my Bolles which I have retired are still in one piece. you can find them under 40 dollars across the internet
I have used a pair of smith regulator series for the past 3 seasons without any problems
got it at rei outley for 30 dollars
retails over 65 dollars. great lenses from both manufacture, and no fog problems
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search it up, BRAH!

we dun cuvvered this'n

my recommendation continues to be the Zeal Rapt goggle, seen HERE. You can find Zeal goggles on sale at many internet retailers, if you look carefully. I paid very little for mine.
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Ooooh, another Zeal zealot. I absolutely love my Zeals. They aren't the easiest to find in the stores, though.
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Any word on the Zeal Detonator? I'm looking to pick up a pair with rose and yellow lenses this offseason...
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Originally posted by villagenut:
Under $40 Brand and where to purchase
My girlfriend's ski instructor recommended Smith googles with rose copper (I think) lenses, to help with poor light situations. She bought some and reckoned it made a huge difference. Certainly when I looked throught them they were a lot better than mine, also Smith but an older model with more orange lenses.

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