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Nordica SpeedMachine

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Has anyone tried the new Nordica SpeedMachines? I was trying some on today, and must say I was very pleasantly impressed with the comfort of the liner. However, one thing that struck me as a big/unneccessary nuisance was the "drawstring" at the top of the liner, which gets velcroed to the top of the boot tongue. Seemed to just be in the way, and not really of much use.

The boots were so comfortable out of the box, that it was almost a bit disconcerting. I guess I'm just not used to that much comfort in a brand new boot. Is packing out of the Nordica liners a problem?

Anyone have any thoughts?
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Come on, has nobody tried the Speed Machines?
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I love them. What is the problem with the drawstring? Its a great feature. Keeps the liner tightly wrapped and in place.

Its a pseudo race boot, and more and more racers are using laced liners.

The boot is comfy out of the box. The liners are well built and won't pack out tremendously, just be very sure you have the appropriate shell size.

EDIT: If it bothers you so much, just get the Beast. Same boot, softer bootboard, no laces, and a pinch softer.
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