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Core Shots and Base Welds

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I have gone back to maintaining my older, ski anywhere, skis myself. These skis regularly get core shots, especially on early season trips where there is reasonable off-piste snow without a deep base. It was suggested to me that instead of taking them in for a base weld (usually associated with a grind) I do my own repair by coating the exposed core with a thin coat of 1-drop glue and then p-texing before it dries. I have done this a few times with some reasonable success.

Anyone else have any experience with this or other do-it-yourself techniques for core shots??
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I've found the best thing for core shots is co-polymer. You can buy it in black or clear. Buying a role is a little expensive, but it will last a long time and I think it is the best way to fix core shots. P-tex just won't stick to the core material. I guess the glue method might work since I have also just used 24 hour epxy in the past with good results if you don't care about the colour. Don't even think about the 5 minute stuff. With both these methods you should be able to make it smooth with a metal scraper and some fine sand paper; and not need a base grind.

Good Luck!
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24 hour epoxy and a pre-cut Dutchman of cold ptex works best for really, really thin abused bases where you'd have trouble getting co-polymer to adhere to the base surrounding the hole. EDIT: prep with sandpaper and rinse with isopropanol then acetone.
Of course, the repair lasts longer than the rest of the base as water gets in and bubbles things up. . .
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Epoxy impregnated p-tex. Wintersteiger sells it by the spool.

Let it cool and cure before shaving it down.

You can't miss.

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skidoc is right, I have used the epoxy p-tex. Just take your time and do it right. Don't try and fill the void at one time if it's a big shot. My G3's have a 3/8" wide by 2" long edge shot I have had two shops try and fill it. I have it almost filled, I have skied it then fill some more. It seems it dosen't like to hold normall p-tex. I'll get it filled some day. I hope you realize that not all shot's make the ski no good. For most of us, we don't need perfect bases.

I have had my friend the X WC tuner look at it after I 've been filling it and he said "I'm getting there. Just a few more times".

Tip, I try to preheat the area before I drop the p-tex in. Becareful not to melt the ski. My G3's have a burn spot on the side. Just blow the fire out, it dosen't matter.
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WC Tuner


Just curious. What's your friends name who tuned at the World Cup level?

If he worked with the US Ski Team I'm sure I know him.

Does he work in a shop?

What athletes did he prepare skis for?

I ask because there's not too many of us around.

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