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New to the forum

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Just wanted to say...hey !!
whats up here, anyone want to commute from N. Co. to summit county everyday....ok,,,once a week.

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Welcome! Impressive resume! I'd love to ski with you, but I probably couldn't keep up with you. Enjoy the forum!
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Hi razor. Impressive indeed. Have fun on the forum!
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If you want to head down the Interstate and stop in Lafayette enroute you can always get a ride any morning with me. A group of instructors from a variety of resorts have been skiing at Loveland since it opened. You are welcome to join us.

Welcome to Epicski
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your resume is chock-full, but...

?moguls? sheesh. don't see many moguls in the powder fields.

racing moto, "hobby" mtb? reversed priorities!

off-road TRUCK enthusiast? what, your MTB is too hard to ride off-road?

my god, we must wean you off these silly traits! wussy-man!

welcome, razor.
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Welcome, Rick/Razor.

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Hey Razor, welcome! Be sure to jump inot the discussion threads, looks like you have a lot to share.
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