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Atomic R:10 ski length

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A friend of mine is getting back on the hill, after not skiing for several years. He used to ski black diamonds on 195 cm skis. He is now looking at buying a pair of Atomic R:10s, and is wondering what size to get. He's about 5'10", 180 lbs, and plans to spend most of his time on blues with his children (although he will probably make the occasional foray into the deeper snow off piste). Any suggestions as to what length of R:10 he should be looking at?
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umm dont know the exact sizes of the ski - thats a pretty stiff ski if I remember right...I would agree with Atomic Man - right around 170 would be perfect. No need to go any bigger unless you're running downhill courses or ripping GS turns down off-piste stuff all the time.
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I concur

170 sounds right
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Done deal. He ordered the 170s. Thanks for the advice.
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