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Big Stix 84 and Intuitiv Big

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Hi all:

I'm looking at some pretty decent late-season pricing (around $425 US for either one, including bindings) on both the 188 cm Intuitiv Big, and the 186 cm Big Stix 84?

I'm 6'0", 170 lbs, not very strong, with a relaxed style. I spend most of my time on the left coast in heavy fog-soaked muck (longing for the Little Cottonwood of my youth). I'm looking to make the muck as effortless as possible. Can anyone tell me about differences or similarities between these two skis? Where you like 'em, where you don't?

Thanks a lot.
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I don't know anything about the Intuitive Big.However The Big Stick 84 is at the top of my list of all the fat skis I have demoed this spring.For a wide ski it carves pretty good and again for a wide ski it's not bad in bumps.It has a light easy feel and still has some guts to it.Another wide ski that I just demoed and liked was the K2 AK Enemy I have no use for a twin tip but it's a good ski maybe a tad better in crud then the Fischer? The Big Stick 84 I demoed was the 181 and the AK only comes in one size 188.As for places to buy check out www.skiandsnowboards.com It's Canadian ski shop that has some good prices.
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Just picked up a pair of Big Stix 84's in 186. Have only skied them two days (one in soft spring conditions, one in cut up crud over firm). Agree with above comments, overall "easy" to ski. Have demoed the G4 and 10ex in spring conditions, both a notch stiffer than the 84, and both have more side cut (better carvers). Replaced my Supermountain 194's with the 84's, about the same sidecut/carve characteristics, 84's a notch stiffer. Really pleased with the hard snow grip of the 84's (1&3 edge bevel) much better that SM's. According to the Footloose website, the 84's are a bit stiffer than the 188 Bigs. 84's seem to have a moderatly stiff tail, soft, but not mushy tip (torsionaly stiff though). Like them so far, but again, only two days on them.

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The Big Stix is a nice easy ski for a bigger ski. But still a strong ski. At the top of my list.

I have no experience on the Dynsatars.

Evco, seems you found some to demo eh?
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I ski on a 188 Big and I love 'em. I'm a bit shorter than you and a couple of pounds heavier. I spend most of my time off the beaten (or groomed) path. The Bigs are turners, perfect for zipping through trees. They're not as stiff as some "off piste" skis, but they can still cruise through the crud, and they excel in powder.

See my profile for photos of the joy achieved when the Bigs are combined with fresh snow and Snowbasin.
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Nice photos Bill.Hows SnowBasin holding up in this warm weather?
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I just got a pair of the I-Bigs 188 and have skiied them 3 days. I loved the Bigs- handled the off-piste exceptionally well: dry powder and the resultant crud and wind slab (cold storm, then eventually wind). - handled great in all conditions and were surprisingly good on the groomers, with good grip on some "firm" areas which were wind scrubbed. One observation I made relative to my 99-00 Bandit XXs is that I needed to keep my weight more "centered" than the bandits. If I drove forward too much the skiis could buck a bit on the groomers/firm. Once I figured this out I found them too handle all conditions extremely well and were easier to ski than the XXs. My hope is that I can use these the bulk of the time under tahoe conditions. I believe that the softer flex of the Bigs probobly make them a bit more forgiving and versatile for the solid off-piste skier compared to some of the stiffer Fats (only my perception) Im about 20 lbs heavier. $425 w/ bindings is a good deal- Id recommend a serious look at them.
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Nope, never got around to demoing, but from your feedback, and others I talked to on the hill that have them, thought there was a good chance I'd like em. Saw a pair on ebay (new, no binders), put out a bid for $350 and ended up getting them, figured if they did'nt work out, could recoup most of my cost selling them. Was originally thinking going 191, but found these. With all the tight trees and bumps we have around here, the 186 might work out fine. Hiked them up Peak 7/Breck a few times the other day, MAJOR wind slab/breakable crust, was kicking off a waterfall of 2"-3" thick slab chunks every turn on Magic Carpet. The 84's handled it great. If they don't work out (which I think they will), I'll let you know in case your interested.


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Yes. Do that.
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