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I saw a couple ads for these in some ski mags and read reviews from then at backcountrystore.com, but I haven't heard mention of them here yet. Does anyone have and experience with any cw-x products and do they live up to their hype?
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I have the pro bottoms, use them for weights and plyometrics. Seem to
work. I might give them a try on the hill. Don't know about hype.
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I've got a pair of the 3/4 length bottoms. I like these for the same reason I like the Rossignol base layer bottoms, the length - the shorter length means no sock/undewear bulk at the calves and ankles. The only thing you want in your boot is your foot and maybe a sock. I don't know why other underwear makers are not in tune with this idea.
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I have a couple of pairs of the tights - I run in them and definitely feel 'different' muscle response after running. Not sure if they help me run longer or better...cause I'm basically slow!
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I see that Artech is selling them. They are good folks
and are out your way. www.artechski.com
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They should put you on their payroll John J
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SJ, I have purchased tuning supplies from Artech, Reliable, Tognar, Race Place, RaceWerks(You), WildWillies?(Whistler), that guy who had a business out of
Sun Valley (He was a Swans rep). Even SVST before RaceWerks became the
middleman. Just as RaceWerks might support racerheads out in your neighborhood,
Artech supports them in andrewschirmer's. So why not?
And if you had seen their print catalog, they were listed for $80 (Pro). Must have
been a misprint (before they knew their cost?), because the online is the same as your price.
Anyhow, they are a mom and pop. Nothing wrong with that, eh? But they probably
couldn't afford to hire me.
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I see - perhaps we could hire you as our PR guy then?
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