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Atomic R-10 160 cm
Atomic SX-9 170 cm
Stockli (sponsor)
Scottybob (sponsor)
3 ski test programs
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Fischer RX-9 170cm 17m
Fischer Sceneo 500 170 cm 15m
Fischer RC4 WC RC 175cm 17m
Fischer RX 10 Phenom 175cm 21.2m
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Out east: (Tremblant and occasional forays elsewhere)

volkl 6* - 175 - marker

Out west: (Whistler)

in constant rotation ->
pmgear bro models - 188, mounted with rossi/looks probably
volkl gotama - 183 - mounted with rossi axial 120's

occasional play ->
volkl explosives - 190 - mounted with rossi scratch 140's
volkl g4 - 188 - marker m1400's
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188 volkl G4- Best do-it-all ski ever made IMO.
181 Apache Chief- Couldnt resist a stiff K2 fattie
190 Chm Explosivs- NOW FOR SALE CHEAP! pm me
183 Rossi Scatch BC- for those days I pretend I'm a jibber
192 Dynastar ATV- Rock skis.

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There's not enough room and time to type out every model and length but I'll give it a whirl;

2003/04 models
215 Atomic DH
210 Atomic DH
209 Atomic SG
201 Atomic SG
193 Atomic GS:11 WC
191 Atomic GS:11
191 Atomic R:ex
180 Atomic SX:11 (my brother might steal these from me)
(all above w/ Race 1018 bindings, except SX:11 which has SX 614 binding)

2004/05 models
165 Atomic SL:11 WC
181 Atomic GS:11 w/ 21.5m radius & WC plate
186 Atomic GS:11 w/ 21.5m radius & WC plate
(all above with Race 1018 bindings)
193 Pimp Edition Sugar Daddy
185 Metron EX
(bindings for above have not been decided on yet)
172 Metron B5 with EBM electronic binding.
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Originally Posted by Duke
188 Apache Chief- Couldnt resist a stiff K2 fattie
190 Chm Explosivs- NOW FOR SALE CHEAP! pm me
The 190 CMHs are really 185, why do you say on TGR they are too long when getting 188 Chiefs?

O.k. I try....

181 1080s
186 Mojos
181 Shuksans (w/ Freerides for AT)
180 and 190 Explosives
187 X-Screams (Rock Ski)
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Originally Posted by PowHog
The 190 CMHs are really 185, why do you say on TGR they are too long when getting 188 Chiefs?
Nop, I meant they were too much ski for me. Ie too stiff. And have you mesured them? they are definatley longer than my G4's. Just some food for thought. Next time... mind your own business
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On Snow
Volkl 6*'s

In the early/late season
Volkl P50's

On Rocks and other stuff
Rental Ski's
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ice, hard snow: Volkl 5* 175
powder: Pocket Rockets 175
muck 'n' junk: Supermountain 186

planning to demo; Dynastar legend 8000 & 8800
Volkl Karma, Head Mojo
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Atomic SL:11 WC 164cm
Atomic 9.16 Race SL 180cm
Dynastar Intuitiv 74 182cm
Bad legs days:
Volant Genesis Silver 180cm

All around:
K2 AK Enemy 188cm
Volant Machete FB 175cm

Rock Skis:
K2 Explorer 193cm

Throwback day:
Rossi 9x 9.3 w/Deflex plate 198cm.
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I Will Ski East on:

Volkl AX3 170
Atomic R10.20 170
Dynastar Speed SX 170

I Will Ski West on:

Rossignol Bandit II 176
Rossignol RPM 21 177
Fattie in the future?
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Most of the time: Elan HCX Hyper - 154cm
Out West and big snow: Elan Mantis 662 - 168cm
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Volant Platinums 175
Goode Composites 175 (112/72/100)

Salomon 912's


Kryptons, still havent "tried them on"


Goode Interlock system
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I will be skiing Demonstrators until I find a ski that's as good at making quick turns as the Rossi 9S oversize, and also has enough grip to rail high-speed long radius turns.

Current short list includes Fischer RX8, Dynamic, VR27 GS, and Volkl 6*.
If you have any other suggestions please PM me.

I will also give the Fischer RC4 Vacuums I got for nothing at a yard sale a try.
If I go to a bigger Hill, I will take my Kastle RX12 Natonal Team SGs out for a blast.
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Boys (and Girls) and their Toys.*

* Me among them.
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I will be on my new Stockli Laser Cross Pros 180cm, Vist WC plate , salomon S912 bindings
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1) 170cm Fischer Big Stix 8.0 with Salomon S810
2) 160cm Atomic SL:9 with Marker 1200 piston
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Bro Models
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183 Head Monster 103 - for everyday use with softish snow!

182 Line Darkside (01/02 model... last of the true twins!) - for those slushy spring days spent in the bump fields, and when it gets super icy

188 Rossi xxx's (99 version) - rock skis

220 Head DH (don't know the year, but to get ya'll jealous, my bro found them dumpster diving in whistler. What a find!!!) - for those icy days when turning is optional, and you just can't get enough speed.
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180 V-pros w/ S912ti
180 CMH Explosive w/ freerides
177 P40 SL
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Armada ARV 185cm
K2 AK Enemy 188cm
Rossignol RPM 100 181cm
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My cheap yankee values absolutely prevent me from riding anything new, but my quiver (gathered from various web-related sources) looks like this:
1999 Rossi Mtn Viper 9.9 184cm w/ Marker 9.1 SC for the ice and groomed
2001 Volant Machete McT 178cm (still in mail) w/ Marker M51 SC Racing (these are brand new still in box, and are day glo pink, teal, purple and day glo yellow! eat yer heart out, Tufflemire!) for the ungroomed
2000 Volant Ti Chubbs 170cm w/ Naxo nx01 for the b/c & trees
Never thought I'd be on Volants but there seem to be a lot of used around cheaply
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2004 Rossignol 9S WC 165 w' Rossignol FKS 155 bindings
2004 Atomic GS:11 Race Stock 181 w' Atomic Race 614 bindings
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Elan SLX 165 (Oh Boy)
Lange 120 Comp
** Not sure what binding
Shop tryng to sell me Marker Piston Plate and binding
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2002-3 Nordica Beast
Kerma composite poles (can't remember the model, their top pole 3 years ago)

Midwestern skis:

2003-4 Volkl 5 stars, 182cm, marker w/pc
2004-5 Atomic SX11, 170cm, neox

Looking to demo western skis:

K2 apache
Dynastar 8800
Volkl 724 Pro

Probably buy 1 of above and sell the Volkls at season end.
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ok two pair of 05 salomon race stock one traning two pair of 05 salomon race stock sl 165 againg one traning and one racing and some 150cm 720s

maby o4 2oo vokl sg skis

boots salomon x2 race stock plug boot ya the ones with the holes in teh side wierd
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168cm R:ex's for the back side
155cm Fischer RC4 WC SC's for the groomed
172cm Volant Ti Powers for the rocks

need something for the bc, which I hope to try this year after an avy course (maybe Naxo or Fritchi's on the R:ex's?)
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Lange GX9
Dynastar Skicross 10 178cm (2004) for everything

Will demo all mt-powder and deep powder skis next month
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165 Candide's w/P10's(dynastar version) for trees, learning to ride switch, and beating on
181 K2 Mod X pro's with Marker 1400's for crud+no new snow days
188 Bro Model softies w/Rossi 140's for powder
Got a pair of 180 or so Bandit XX's I might mount up with the 912Ps from my busted screams as well.
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On the snow...

Volkl 5* w/Motion AT and Tecnica Rival X9 boots.

To get to the snow...

97 Dodge Ram w/built 360, 4x4...mostly for still having fun in the snow on the way home.
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