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Tell us you will be riding on this year

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OK guys, what skis do you own that you expect will see some snow this season. I'll go first:

184cm Dynastar Legend 8000 with P12 lifters
194cm Dynastar 4x4 Big, (flame tip version) with Look P12 demos
186cm Dynastar 4x4 Powertrac with Look P11 Maxplate.

It's actually a coincidence that all my skis are Dynastars, but no coincidence that all my bindings are Look.
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My old Volkl P40 GS 193 will see some ice action!! Hopefully I'll buy 724 Pro before February so I can ski them in the backcountry!!
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176cm Elan S12 Fusion with Marker Fusion 1200
186cm Head Monster iM 85 with Salomon S914
Atomic TM18 with Rottefella Cobra R8
174cm Rossignol Scratch FS with Salomon 912Ti Demo plates
165cm Atomic SL-11 with Atomic 6:14
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Resort Primary: 170cm 04 Vokl V-Pros on salomon 912s
Rock Skis: 170cm '99 Rossignol Rebel-X
80s day + sand dune skis: $5 200cm K2s from a thrift store (oh yeah)

BC skis: salomon 177cm 1080s on Naxos
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Resort skis: 2005 Fischer RC4 Race SC 170cm - LOVE EM
About to buy: 2005 Elan 666 168cm.

I demoed the Elens this year in Oz - Fantastic ski.
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1) Atomic R:11 BP
2) Volkl 5*****
3) Atomic M:EX
4) Atomic BIG DADDY
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I love how us southern hemi ppl get new skis so early.
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1. Fischer RX8-180cm
2. Dynastar Ski Cross 10-178cm
3. Dynastar 8000-184cm
4. New fatty-still looking
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1. Volkl P40 Energy SL -177. Marker M82?
2. Head Monster iM70 - 170. Tyrolia L10?
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1. Atomic GS9 170 4:12
2. Atomic Sl9 160 Demo Bindings
3. Fischer Mountain X 186 Circa 2000 Look bindings

Rock skis Rossi Viper X 184 Tyrolia bindings
For sale Volkl G3 170 Marker
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185 Volkl Karma
182 Volkl Superspeed
193 Volkl Sanouk
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Regular line-up in expected order of use
  • 175cm Salomon Xtra-Hots with S 914
  • 185cm Salomon Pocket Rockets with S 912Ti
  • 170cm Dynastar SkiCross 10 with Rossi Race 140 Axial
  • 180cm Volkl V-Pros with Look Lifter 12Ti
  • 177cm Rossignol RPM-21 with Rossi Freeride 140 Axial
Rock skis
  • 186cm Salomon SuperMountains with S 912Ti demo
  • 184cm Rossignol Mountain Viper X 10.2 with Rossi T-Plate 120 Axial
  • 181cm Rossignol Mountain Viper X PPS with Rossi Race 140 Axial
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Primary: 2004 Atomic SX:11 180 with Race 614
Early/althernate/old school: 1996 Dynastar G9 206 with MRR step-in
REALLY fast days: 1990 Atomic AF 215 with MRR step-in (10-18 DIN)

Looking to get some SL:11s in a 165-or-so for some tight turn action, but only if the budget isn't too cramped.
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180 Nordica SUV 12x w/ Speedpoint 1200's (THANKS RIO!)
186 Stockli Stormrier DP w/ Axial 140

188 Dynastar 4x4 Big with flames and Look Demos
Thinking about; 200cm FFL Iggies with multiple blown edges and super cored.
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My new Stockli Spirit Pro II 160
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you get a thousand words in this tiny space:
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185 Pocket Rockets. Don't need anything else. (OK, I've got some old Rossi Vipers for rocks.)
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I'm just bringing one pair to the US this year: my beloved Stockli Easy Riders (160, starting to feel too short). They've had a few seasons now, and they can still throw me back if I get lazy in short turns.
bindings are salomons, blue ones.
Boots: excellent Atomic B9 Widebodies. Best fitting boot I've ever had but I don't like the higher foot position.
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Atomic M:11 (162) everyday
Rossi B3 (168) - pow
Atomic SL9 (150) - ice
Atomic R11 (160) - rocks?
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Looks like the same old K2 El Camino's for this year. On the bright side, I've already got plane tickets to Summit Co. in February. Should get 5 good days skiing with three buddies. I might get to demo some new skis to purchase for 05-06 season. May run up on some good used skis that aren't in too bad of shape.
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This year's rides

Hard Snow:

Volkl 6****** 168cm, (3rd year);

Atomic SX 10 , 170cm (2nd year); and

Soft Snow:

Atomic M:11 162cm, (brand new,never skied).
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Dynamic VR17 160


Head Mad Trix Mojo 180

...alll I need...
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Lets see? For lazy days I have some K2 modx in a 181.
For those packed powder days when I'm feeling my oats I have my trusty Atomic R11 plus
For a lot of my days I have the Atomic Rex soon to be mounted with fritschi freeride.
I have some older Chubbs that are fun if it is knee deep powder. but those might be for sale come Nov.
I've been eyeing a pair of the K2xp as a resort ski to replace the rex that will be my new backcountry ski.
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I'll be skiing. To find riders, try a snowboarding forum.
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Volkl Carver Motion 177's until the trails are safe for my new:
Atomic Supercross SX:11 170's
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Elan S12 Fusion-168
Dynastar int74 with Look P10 Lifter- 167
Dynastar SkiCross66 with Look P10 Lifter- 170 (rock skis)
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2003 Saloman Equipe 10 3V's
2003 Atomic GS 9 614
2005 Atomic SL 11's 614
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163 Elan SCX with Voile CRB
163 Elan Darkside w Voile CRB

Last year I used one of each (SCX on left foot, Darkside on right), but I hope to get bindings remounted so I will have two matched pairs!

I have some older, unused 180cm K2 Enemys (made in USA) and Karhu 7tm bindings but I didn't get them mounted yet.

157 Burton Prime w plate binding (old, asym)
169 MLY Maverick w K2 clicker (not HB)
180 Teleboard
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162 Atomic Metron 11

174 K2 XP's

I ski on hardpack 90% of the time. Maybe too redundant of a quiver.
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99' rossi bandit x-184
03' rossi b1-182
01' rossi moguls-178

'04 rossi b2
'05 dynastar legend pro
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