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7 Springs

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Hey everyone, this question is for all the 7 Springs locals. Last year I had a season pass, but didn't get to use it nearly as much as I would have liked to. This year I should be able to get out and use it a lot more, and I was wondering what everybody's favorite parts of the resort are, and if there are any "secret" cool or challenging places that you know or I should check out? Thanks
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Secret places.....

I have many favorite lines on the mountain. I will trade the secrets for beer at the Goggle!!
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Yeah, me too
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Do any of you insiders have an idea of when the Springs will open. Was looking at going on 12-17? Think that will be too early?

: : :
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Usually we will have something open by then. Last year they had the whole fron side and the North Face open in a matter of days. All it takes is a few days of cold weather. The goal is to have the entire mountain open by the holidays.
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We actually opened a little late last year on December 4th...but by the 5th, the entire mtn was open with exception of the glades.

I'm hoping (praying) for an opening around T-day this year myself.

By 12/17 we should be in full swing, no problem. Hopefully some storms drop in and the glades are skiable by then too.

Either way, you should be able to make a decision as to come or not by about T Day based on how cold it's been by then.
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Thanks. Looking to get up thar Thurs nite the 16th. Don't need a lot open, will be taking lessons and doing a tune-up for the year.
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Way to hijack my thread. J/K. I can't wait for them to open either. May have to take you up on the secrets for beer. You'll have buy it with my cash, seeing as I have a couple more years to wait before I'm drinking. Anyone else up for giving some "secrets" on here?
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I live in Cleveland and make frequent trips to Holiday Valley. I noticed that Seven Springs is about the same distance from me, how does it compare to Holiday Valley, better, worse, same?
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I think Holiday Valley and Seven Springs are somewhat comparable....a variety of terrain; good lift systems, trail layouts, and snowmaking; adequate vertical; and both make the most of what they have to work with. I think, on weekends, Seven Springs CAN be more crowded than Holiday Valley - but, I probably have not gone to either place frequently enough to say that with great certainty!

However, they are different enough that you will have fun exploring a new area if you trek out to Seven Springs - you should definitely try it. If you like Holiday Valley, I do not think you will be disappointed with Seven Springs. For what it is worth, I prefer Holiday Valley - but, my husband prefers Seven Springs, so do check it out for yourself and you can make your own comparison.

Being from the Cleveland area - I'm sure you've tried Peek'N Peak on those days when you don't feel like the longer drive to Holiday Valley? Peek'N Peak is not nearly as challenging or interesting, BUT, somehow, it seems never to be very crowded, the snow quality is typically quite good (for some reason it doesn't seem to ice as bad as other places), and they have decently priced lift tickets. Try it as well, if you haven't been & want a shorter drive....

*think snow!!!!!*
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Thanks B40, I will try to check it out this winter. I have not been to Peak n Peak in many years because I always felt it was worth the extra drive time to Holiday for the better terrain. Has Peak and Peak made any changes in the last 6-7 years?

Kind of off the 7 springs topic but have you ever skied Snowshoe? Is it worth the 5 hour drive vs the 3 hours to Holiday or 7 springs?
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About Snowshoe... no.
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Peek'N Peak & Snowshoe

There is no question that Holiday Valley has better terrain than Peek'N Peak - and no changes in recent years that I know of. But, the reasons I will sometimes go to Peek'N Peak are (1) very small crowds - I mean, this place is ridiculously UNCROWDED on weekends, which is when I go - hardly ever much of a lift line; (2) closer; (3) cheaper - I get a 4-hour ticket and just ski non-stop for those 4 hours, and, yes, you can get a 4-hr on Sat or Sun; (4) cheap and good on-mountain food - someone forgot to tell them to gouge their customers. It DEFINITELY is NOT Holiday Valley, it's not a whole weekend trip - but, it's a great quick day trip or way to warm up for the season. Just don't go expecting great terrain. They do a good job with snowmaking & grooming, and they do have some runs with bumps, but mostly it's fairly tame.

Snowshoe - ugh! I'm sorry, I would like to like it, I know there are people who do, and if it's the closest place for someone to go, I'm sure they enjoy it. But, I HATE Snowshoe; I made that 6 hour drive from my house for a weekend and it sure wasn't worth it in my book. The terrain is boring....think Peek'N Peak with more vertical, actually - just a bunch of parallel runs down the mountain. Yes, all the runs were open when I was there, including the 'exciting' Western Territory - which is just two really, really long runs, with a few steep sections including one with ice bumps. No glades anywhere, a few runs with bumps. The place is also a total zoo - incredibly crowded, with the added bonus that I have NEVER in my life seen so many out-of-control skiers barreling down the mountain in their flying wedges. Poor lift line control and etiquette as well. Maybe being so far south, the place seemed to attract a disproportionate amount of people who seemed to have no clue how to ski, or about the skier responsibility code. Yes, people have to learn someplace, and yes, it is important to be patient with beginners and new people to the sport, but the percentage of the clueless to the informed who could possibly guide them was just so skewed, it was frightening and not worth my hard earned money and time!

Sorry if I slammed someone's favorite resort, maybe I just hit it at a bad time (although it was not a holiday weekend, just a normal weekend), but from Cleveland, Seven Springs and Holiday Valley are closer and superior in everything except pure vertical. Just my humble opinion. When you consider it is 8 hrs to Vermont vs. 6 to Snowshoe, I think you'd be kicking yourself, because Snowshoe isn't cheap.

(Now, if you want to go to Snowshoe to mountain bike - yum, it is worth the drive for that!!!!!!!)

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Agreed about Snowshoe... I'm going there for New Years and I know what to expect. The terrain is weak and the skiiers are incompetent, but on the plus side the Red Fox and Foxfire are excellent restaurants.

One more thing - Snowshoe's 1500' vertical stat is Western Territory only - the basin side is about 700' on a good day.
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I agree completely about snowshoe. Man went there last year and it sucked big time. The back side is the only side with 1500 vert. The front is half that, maybe...The people who work there don't know what they are doing. And hey, they don't serve drinks until 1:00!! What the hell is that all about?
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Thanks everyone for the advice. I think I will stick with Holiday Valley as my first choice, I will try 7 springs though.

Are we ever going to get to ski. I am so envious of those living out west.
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