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Grilled Cheese...

I'd love to resist posting here because the adult in me knows that we're just reinforcing his behavior. the kid in me LOVES a good debate.... *sigh* ... so here goes.

ok cheesy one... here's my thoughts (in no real order)

1. Is it safe for you to ASSUME what Hermann or Bode thinks or would say about coaches and instruction or about quality of skiers? I do understand that they may "ignore their coaches" from time to time. And, they should. Experimentation is one of the finest forms of learning. After the experiment, WC skiers return to their coaches. Why do you suppose that is????

2. I am actually jealous of BC (heh... amused by all the things BC could stand for!!!) because he must have had so many personal conversations about coaching and coaches with elite skiers... I mean it's obvious since he's able to share their POVs with us here.

3. How did "ski instruction" become a profession? Someone saw someone else from whom they wanted to learn... realizing there was some money to be made... it turned into a job... realizing this job was sustainable created a profession.

4. Why form PSIA? Ski Instruction as a profession grew in popularity and so a "governing body" was established. Professional development and certification of Instructors resulted. (I am sure you will agree that this is a fine outcome.)

5. Defend PSIA? Why? You're assuming anyone here feels there is any reason at all to defend PSIA. You cite the lack of response to your call to action (re: defending PSIA) as proof that people don't like PSIA. You make a lot of assumptions, Cheesedog.

6. PSIA Instructors v. Racers: the proof is in the pudding... look!
http://www.nastar.com/index.jsp?pagename=results&page=comp&compid=36227& year=2004

Hey isn't that Vail SnoPro? Gee ... isn't he a PSIA Instructor AND a racer? However can that be? I mean - we all know that a PSIA instructor "cant let his body get into the proper position to be able to generate the g force you need on the tails to do that kind of RIPPING!" Right Ric?

So... cheeseball.... watch out around here. We all like Raclette and Fondue way to much!!!

affectionately yours,
kiersten kaye
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Big Cheese you will be missed. NOT!!!!!!
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Hey, who cut the cheese?
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That article is from right by me. Well, Monroe is less than 20 miles from New Glarus. We do have good cheese around here.
Didn't know Diane was a PSIA person. Her home hill is about 250 vert.(like Tyrol) I rode the lift with her at Blackcomb one summer and talked about what it was like to be from a small hill like that. She reminded me that her best event was SG.
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