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why is that?

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i could laugh off psia as just another bunch of money grubbing anal retentive ostientatious *******,if i wasnt so passionate about the sport(and life).they and groups like them who try to standardize a sport really ruin the true beauty of a sport.the true beauty of a sport like skiing is its totally personal,and defies explanation,as far as some wanna bes can explain it anyway.you ask hermann or bode and they ll tell you,its not about what anyone else thinks,its about what THEY think.they will often totally ignore a coaches advice,thats why THEY are the ones up there winning medals,not the coaches.coaches,while good sometimes,and at certain levels of a skiers progress totally necessary ,are sometimes a limiter for the next level of performance technique,espescially at the world class level.while coaches are dissecting small generally insignificant body movements,racers are perfecting GOING FAST AND BEING IN CONTROL.atttributes which to me anyway are far more appealing and desirable than a pretty stance that looks good theoretically,but wont stand the tests of speed and crap conditions.watch racers on tv,then see if the skiiers you are talking to ski like that.some poster was all teary eyed about some herman maier pic where hes tail steering and the skiis are all de cambered.Duh.thats nothing.its amazing to a psia level wtf ever instructor,because he cant let his body get into the proper position to be able to generate the g force you need on the tails to do that kind of RIPPING!

psia instructors just dont ski very well at all im my experience,compared to the best racers on the hill.any thoughts on why would that be,seeing that all these"experts" know all this esoteric information at an (evidently)"professional" (and im loosely applying that definition here)level?they should all be the best skiiers around,but honestly,and i am being totally honest here,compared to the top skiers at all the resorts ive been to,the psia instructors were not good skiers at all.adequate yes.good no.why is that?
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look mum i am in a locked/deleted thread!
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While I will sometimes defend the subject of a pig pile, in this case I have to come right out and celebrate:
some herman maier pic where hes tail steering and the skiis are all de cambered.Duh.thats nothing.
Every village needs an idiot. And we had just lost our old one!
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Sorry, I don't see the need...
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Are you sure?


I won't dispute that there are instructors out on the hill who aren't very good skiers. But they are out there, promoting the sport, helping those less knowledgable than themselves to enjoy it as well!

Are you knowledgable enough to teach a first time skier, without screwing them up for the future? So maybe there really is a need for those "pro's"?

And you obviously haven't made an effort to hang out with the more experienced or talented pro's at the areas you visit. Do you think that you can outski every PSIA member? Would you believe that there are several members of PSIA that have Olympic Gold Medals hanging on their trophy shelves? And many others who competed on the WC for long careers? Let's see you even try to keep up with them, or any other top pro!

There are over 30,000 registered pro's in the US. That number does not even include all the foreigners that come to the US each winter to teach. From all over Europe, and the Southern Hemisphere, incredible skiers AND technicians come to sooth their passions for teaching.

So- maybe you are better than 97% of them. Maybe you aren't. But either way, your argument does not stand up to any level of scrutiny. But you are welcome to your own opinion.

By the way, what kind of cheese do you think you are? I'm guessing Limburger!
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yes,dont rise to defend your crap teaching techniques,its really a joke.here you are on your own website,and you have the best chance to show what an idiot i am,but,and im sure others are noticing it,you have not made any real defense of your beloved psia,the only thing ive heard is about me,personally.pretty immature,so i gave you a dose of what you tossed my way.anywho,i let my skis do the talking.im jd,everyone knows me around here,all you have to do is go in any ski shop or hang out at the top of the expert slopes and ask for me.im known,and il be happy to show you what i learned from billy tha kidd and jean claude k(i think mebe they ended up naming that mtn after you jc...)back in the days of NO sidecut,and when 210cm kastle was the preferred weapon.

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yeah,i guess pple whore themselves out for $$ alot,but that doesnt make psia teaching crapola techniques any better than lou brocks baseball swing getting any better from selling prudential life insurance....get a frekn grip man,NO GOOD RACING INSTRUCTOR SHOULD ENDORSE PSIA TECHNIQUES TO A PROMISING YOUNG SKI RACER,THATS A FACT!
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Really BC, I don't see what we have to defend and as far as showing you as an idiot, why would we want to take away your pleasure.

None of the teaching systems are perfect, they are just full of dedicated persons giving a passion to those they educate. Not complicated but very needed since not everyone can be a skilled racer or wants to be.
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Originally Posted by Fraggle_Rock
look mum i am in a locked/deleted thread!
ROFL. Me too!
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You are TOO funny!

So BC-

You got schooled by BK and JC? That would make you some very old, moldy cheese! Especially if you are still dreaming of your former glory on a pair of skis which belong in a museum!

You claim to be well known... I'm sure you are, around whatever little podunk hill you call home. Are you sure you can handle that 350 vert ft double black diamond (which anywhere else would be an easy blue) at your area? I'm sure you can really impress all the older women sitting in the bar while their kids are out night skiing....

By the way- shouldn't you loosen that old safety strap you have around your leg? It's cutting off the blood flow to your brain!

Enjoy your season!
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Big cheese knows most people who read his threads think he is right. People who agree w cheese should speak up. We only hear from those who disagree. I think if all the world cup races were held at Sugar mountain we would have a new champion. Right, Cheese? Am I right?
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i'm thinkin' brie.
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You sound a little disgruntled. Take a stress tab.

An artist blossoms in his own path, but everybody has to start somewhere. A school of instruction is nothing but a beginning. Even Bruce Lee didn't get to his Jeet-Kune-do style of "no style" without first starting out himself in a formal Wing Chun Gung fu.
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excuse me for interrupting, but...

Ghost, incredibly uncanny timing.

If you know anything about this (http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/200...8/workout1025/), please drop me a PM.

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Ryan- maybe you are right.....brie....But only half baked!
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Swiss, full of holes you psia wimps!
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As I recall, AJ Kitt and Debbie Armstrong are now PSIA instructors.
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This guy doesn't live back East. He lives in Denver and skies at Loveland a bunch I suspect. Banned he says. Well he was banned, banned from this forum. Aint that right, SCSA?? -------Wigs
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Why we need a village idiot

Every village needs an idiot--maybe not to put down roots, but to stop in once in a while--as an example to the rest of the villagers of how an idiot behaves, so they can better govern themselves.
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Who Cut The Cheese?

While I think that The Cheese's manner is a bit abrupt, I do think he has some valid points.

1.Most of the advances in equipment and technique come from racers and their coaches. That's a simple fact.

2. PSIA is a very uptight organization. Take a a look at what happened to Harald Harb?

3. PSIA's support or should I say lack of support of it's members is disgraceful.

4. PSIA is so highly politicized at the National Level and also in the East that it cannot execute it's mission. So much advancement is based on who you know not what you know. In addition, I would estimate that 80% of PSIA instructors are incompetent and ineffective regardless of their level of certification.

So while the Cheese is stinky, he/she/it makes some valid points.
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Sidecut, how do you know all that?

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Originally Posted by Ott Gangl
Sidecut, how do you know all that?


? I don't know what you mean, Ott.
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Your points are well taken, and I believe that most of what you said have there truths. But I have to say, I believe that there are more competent PSIA Pros out there than the 80% that you suggest are not competent. I would like to see the organization stand behind its members better than they do at present. And what happened to HH was his own doing, IMHO.

As for the well put “Village Idiot” label Nolo put on Big Cheese, (and it’s a him and not a her, but maybe an IT) I think there’s better ways to express your views than to charge into someone’s house and start screaming your dislikes for the way the household is run. The guy is 44 he says, so he should act his age. Like I said in an earlier post, I think this guy is a big mouth small change idiot we got rid of last winter. Of course I could be wrong. But I don’t think so after visiting the other site and reading some of his posts. Read them for yourself and decide. The site, www.realskiers.com, the village idiot, SCSA. A lot of the same words and phrases, no? Some say that in person, this guy isn’t such a bad guy. Well he has to prove it to me and I’m sure others here also. If I’m wrong, and this isn’t who I think it is, then Big Cheese, get a life.------------Wigs
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Originally Posted by SLATZ
As I recall, AJ Kitt and Debbie Armstrong are now PSIA instructors.
As is Diann Roffe who is teaching at a 700 ft. vert hill in S. Pennsylvania. www.skiroundtop.com
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Your argument doesn't make any sense.

1. You're claiming that since Bode and Maier are naturals no one needs ski instruction? For starters those guys aren't normal, I'm pretty sure they're actually aliens from another planet. If everyone could ski like them, then ski instruction would be pointless, but no one else skis like them.

2. You're claiming that ski instructors suck the life out of skiing by defining a "right way" to ski. That's simply not true. A good ski instructor will teach you what you want to learn. If you're trying to ski powder with race technique (wide stance, high angulation), the instructor will try to change your stance, not because he wants you to ski like a PSIA clone, but because he wants you to be able to ski the powder in a more efficient manner so you can have more fun.

3. You're arguing that we should all learn how to tail steer like the racers. Maybe we should if we want to bash gates like them, but that technique will fall apart in the bumps and on any surface that's not glare ice. PSIA doesn't teach people to be racers (at least not most of the time). If you're only teaching one stance (as you would in a lower level lesson), then the PSIA "athletic stance" is the best to teach. In higher level lessons, that stance will get modified for different conditions, but it's a very good place to start from. I don't see Shane McConkey tail steering when he's straightlining Shmidiot's. Do you?

Finally, I've got a question for you (not that you'll be able to answer it, being banned and all):

If PSIA sucks the life out of skiing, then what do you suggest a recreational skier should do to advance ther skills?
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I'm almost positive that he will say, PMTS. Not that this is a bad thing, its just diffrent.------Wigs
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Come on Wigs, BC was banned in like 2 days. That's like greased lightning. Nobody in PSIA could get thrown outta here that fast. He said he was fast...
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Originally Posted by Coach13
Come on Wigs, BC was banned in like 2 days. That's like greased lightning. Nobody in PSIA could get thrown outta here that fast. He said he was fast...

This is true. But like I said, I think Big Cheese is an alias and AKA SCSA. He was banned last winter.--------Wigs
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Originally Posted by SoCalSki
Your argument doesn't make any sense.

1. You're claiming that since Bode and Maier are naturals no one needs ski instruction? For starters those guys aren't normal, I'm pretty sure they're actually aliens from another planet. If everyone could ski like them, then ski instruction would be pointless, but no one else skis like them.
"Good racers are made not born" or so it says on the wall of fame at CVA (where Bode went to school) that said the elite level world cup athletes definatly have some natural abililty and commitment level that very few people will ever see. But what Big Cheese head is saying is the furthest thing from fact I have ever heard, a good skier will use a varity of techniques depending on the conditions. I can say that I have had the privilage to ski with and watch some of the best racers in the world and many of them cannot buy a turn to save their lives in the bumps and powder, they have been devoted to finding that next 1/1000th of a second and that kind of consentration does lend itself to good all around ability. Now after some of these racers retire many become very good all-mountain skiers as they now have the time to devote some of that natural talent to conditions other than the race course.
I think this guy is probably a poser who needs to bash on others to feel better about himself, and in a sport that is suppossed to be fun I find that to be sad. PSIA and PMTS teachers are doing a good job of helping people have more fun while out on the hill and THAT is what matters. Both parties have their problems. PSIA's big issue is the amount of political bs that occurs at the top level of the organization, as for PMTS I feel it's the "us vs. them" attitude that I think is their major short-comming
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