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World Series

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to leap ahead...

anyone see anything presidential about a series involving a team from texas and a team from massachu...massachu...ah, you know the place.

wonder if they'd make a "good-natured" little wager...
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Don't write the Cards off yet.
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Cards are in it - should be a good series.
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Sox/Cards Series Trivia

The Cards and Sox (that's a lot of red) played in the 1967 World Series, as many know. Boston was not expected to contend but with Yaz's triple crown and Jim Lonborg's Cy Young-winning season of 22-9, with a league-leading 246 strikeouts, they became the "Impossible Dream" team of the Summer of Love. (Anyone smell napalm, or is that a new aroma from The Haight?)

Lonborg pitched a one-hit, 5-0 victory in game two and won the fifth game 3-1 on a three-hitter. Facing Bob Gibson, though, in game seven on two days rest, he lost 7-2.

A broken leg in a skiing accident nearly ended his career, winning 17 and losing 22 over the next three years. He retired after the 1979 season with a 157-137 record and a career 3.86 ERA.

(The skiing accident, by the way, instigated the inclusion in players' standard contracts that they not engage in off-season sports.)
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steven tyler should not be allowed to sing the Nat'l Antherm.
and i'm told that horrid rendition was better than his previous attempt.
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Just a couple facts about Boston Sports teams VS St. Louis Sports teams to put out there:

*New England Patriots Superbowl win in 2002 was against the St. Louis Rams.

*Boston Celtics First Ever NBA Championship in 1956-1957 eas against the St.Louis Hawks and they repeated this in 59-60 and 60-61

* Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup against the St. Louis Blues in 1970

IMO- It's time for the Red Sox to get a win over their respective St. Louis team.
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Jim Lonborg... hadn't heard that name in 30 years.
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