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Twin Tip Sizing

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I'm skiing on some 178 Dynastar Skicross 66's from 3 or so years back. I absolutely love the skis...when I'm skiing alone. The flex is just too stiff to carve a good arc at slower speeds when I'm with my friends. On a whim I bought some 165 Line Darkside Carbons, I figured the shorter length and twin tips would be nice in the bumps and tighter trees. Now that I have them in my hand I'm wondering if I should have gotten a 175. If I'm an advanced skier, 5'11" 165 skiing on the east coast, will i over power the new twins? Is 165 too short for the trees? (I've never skied anything this short, but the trend is shorter and shorter) Any input on this? Keep in mind that this is a second ski that is supposed to be more manueverable, but I don't want to have to change back and forth b/t the stiff and stable Dynastars and the light and short Lines every other run.

Thanks for any input
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I don't think a 165 will be too small. I'm 5'8" and 240 and an expert level skier and I was on 169 K2 PE's last year and thought they were great. The only time I felt I wanted a little more length was in powder (extra length for float)I'm guessing you weight less than I do, so I'd say you should be fine in a 165 length (especially in the east where a foot of pow is a dump)
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Go longer, you lose ~10 cm of lenth w/ the tails, I made a similar mistake bout 2 seasons ago
Hope ithaca is well!
brian "98 IC grad
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what was surprising to me was that the tails are lower then you'd expect. Line made the Darkside as an All Mountain Twin... i guess everything they make is a twin, but their dedicated park skis are kicked up a lot more. Let me know if you're ever in town, Its getting nice and cold in good ol Ithaca
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I'm exactly your sizes(5'11''/165) and ski K2 PE at 179 and will go NO shorter for all around skis(twin tips no tt). If you are not in your very first years of skiing you should have already known your taste for lengths of skis of various purposes. Mine is 180 for all around skis.

edited: my PE is 179, not 180, memory...
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The Darkside has a lower tail twin-tip, but all the Line models have equal height of tail and tip twin-tips. It's kind of a bummer for the Mothership - it should have a half-height tail twin-tip, as does the Karhu Jak (both Line and Karhu share a ski factory). Line last year or the year before in the longest Mothership length had a lower tail twin-tip. From what I have heard, the Darkside is a pretty decent bump ski and has a wide range of conditions that it favors - two-plus feet of powder is not one of them.
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