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Kirkwood opening this weekend!

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Looks like they just made the decision earlier today.
Have other plans for Saturday already, but will try to get up there on Sunday.
Hope the forecasted rain either turns into snow or goes away.
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Boreal is opening this morning with one lift.
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Kirkwood opens Saturday

Chairs 5 and 11 open weekends starting Saturday. Might just have to make the hour and 20 minute trek up 88. Just posted on their website: http://www.kirkwood.com/cgi-bin/news...98285438,74761,

Game on. We’re opening. Lift tickets are discounted, and midweek passholders are welcome on Sunday. Operations this weekend will be limited: Chairs 5 and 11 only, from 9AM to 4PM. Ticket prices are as follows, there are no half day rates:

Adults (19+): $20
Young Adults (13-18): $15
Seniors (65-69): $15
Super Senior (70+): $15
Kids (6-12): $5
5 and under: $5

Lift tickets and season passes will be available at the ticket/pass office on the Plaza. There will be NO rentals or demos; if you want to hit the hill, you have to bring your own sticks. All those offered a job at the hiring fair can ski for just $10, some come prepared to ride!

Monte Wolfe’s will be open from 8:30 to 4 for continental breakfast and lunch; Bub’s will be open from 11 to 7 and the Kirkwood Inn will be open from 8 to 8 (and who doesn’t love the Inn?!?).

We are starting out with weekend operations only; we will open for regular daily operations on Saturday, November 20th. The terrain that is open is great for early season warm-ups, and the mountain is always a spectacular place to spend your day. Get your gear on and see how it goes. Pick your pass up before everyone else starts to, and get on the hill for the first time in a long time.

There's snow on the ground and we really can't think of a better way to spend the weekend. We're going for it. This weekend, the lifts at Kirkwood will be turning and people will be on them. Will you be one of them?

For up to the minute snow, road and weather reports, call our toll-free snowphone line at 877 KIRKWOOD, or give us a call at 209.258.6000.

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Games on

Car is packed for tomorrow morning. Lots of tele skiers hit the slopes Thursday, and the employees were skiing Friday. Saturday is for the unwashed masses. Can't pass up skiing in October with powder conditions.

Edit: First chair in the morning, what a great day!
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