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1080 Pro

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Hi, first time poster.

I've been offered a nice deal on last year's Salomon 1080 Pro boots, and I was wondering whether it could be a good all mountain boot for my needs.
I am a completely old school skier (all mountain with a tad of racing on the side), and I know these were mainly a park boot, but since I am rather light (5' 6'', 130-140 pounds), I was wondering whether the 1080 Pro could work. Keep in mind that this is last year's boot, when the flex index was 85 (this year it's gone down to 75).
I went to a nearby shop, but they had none in stock. I tried on some X Wave 8's, which have the same flex index, and they felt great. Does that mean that the 1080 Pro would work too? Or are there other indicators besides the flex index (softness, lateral stiffness etc.) that make the boot less suited to my purposes?

Bottom line: Is it a good choice?

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You really need to try the 1080 Pro boot on. The last for the lower shell is from the Course line, not the X Wave line. It is really narrow. If the X Wave feels good there is a good chance the 1080 Pro will be too narrow.
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Thanks for the warning (this dumbass "bootfitter" had promised me that the 1080 Pro used the X Wave shell.) I'll be sure to find a pair to try on.

Otherwise, if it fits, is this a good boot for my purposes?

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In the 1080's they added a pad into the sole of the boot inside the heel to pad hard landings, i skied with a guy last yr who used them for skiing everything and they did ok, but he mainly skied the park. Pull out the liner and you will see the pad I am talking about.
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Thanks for the info, Spyder.
Any other help would be GREATLY appreciated!
I have to get this seller an answer ASAP.
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I can personally attest to what Rio said about the fit. I just tried both on last night, the X-wave 10 and 1080. The X-wave fit a bit wider in the forefoot, while the 1080 felt too tight. I might split the flex difference and go with the X-wave 9.
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