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Salomon Equipe 10 3V length

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OK, I think I found my ski, but I need some feedback if you will. I'm eyeing a pair of 2002 Sollie 3Vs in a 176 for my all around groomers, ice, and sometime bump ski. Any comments or suggestions? BTW 5'8" 170 advanced/expert.

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Too long. Get a 168. Good for groomers and sometimes bumps. Totally blows on ice.
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Bumped and another question

Or... Sollie Equipe 10 2V in 185. Any suggestions on which would make a "better" all-around Midwest "all-mountain"?
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Gman64, I had the 2001 model of that ski and loved it. I'm 5'11" 180lbs, had it in 176cm, It's a great all mountain ski in that length. I sold it and I'm still kicking myself.
You may want to try the 168cm.

I didn't do bumps back then as often I as do now. The tail has to much pop for bumps, it is a SL ski.
The ski works well in the crud.
When I demoed it during the Oasis Day I found it to be one of the few Soloman skis that heald on ice like my Volkl's, keep it tuned.

IMO the 2V in 185 was to much of a GS ski, buy it in 176cm or shorter and it becomes a good all mountain ski.

The general rule is a long SL ski or short GS make good all mountain skis. But now days there are great all mountain skis that are made. Unless you do bumps often you'll be fine with the SL or GS.
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I've found this ski to be way too soft flexing to hold on ice. Tortionally they are weak.
I have and have club raced on a 168cm 03 model. I have tuned, re-tuned you name it. Never could get it stable on ice. I was always fighting for my life. This ski was very popular for midwest club racers a couple years ago. Now, practically everyone has moved on, myself included. PM me. I'll make you a screaming deal on mine. There is not a scratch on the topskins, bases have about 5 days max on a base grind done at Steamboat. Mounted w/poweraxe plate and S14. They will be going to the local swap 11-6.
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I have a 2001 version (parallel arms) @ 176. It only blows on ice if it is not sharp tip to tail. Otherwise I find it quite good, with lots of feedback. Much prefers to be skied on edge, else it can wander. Some call that "nervous" -- always trying to turn.
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GMan, I have 3Vs in 176, I'm 6ft, and about 180lb. Keep them sharp, and they are great fun!
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I'm 5'8" 155 lbs and ski the 10.3V in a 160.

Love em.
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